Incredible stress control

I used this with Ashwagandha and I feel more relaxed and in control with my thoughts! No stress but joy and enthusiasm! I like this especially when working out or just working!

Emoxypine - Impressed!

After 3 or four days I definitely felt more focused and in a better mood, I get stressed with running my business and this product definitely helped me to be more focused and productive, highly recommend.


I have been experimenting with nootropics for some months now, most of the mainstream ones have yielded little (Noopept, Sulbutiamine, inositol and even the over-hyped mindlab pro stack). Whilst it certainly does not blow me away I think on fair reflection I am slightly more focused, calmer and motivated, but it is subtle. I will run it for another few weeks and see what happens. This may work better as part of a stack - good baseline nootropic but might need combinations depending on what your after.

Good Results

I've been using this product for about 2 weeks and I am finding that my concentration and alertness has improved.

Good stuff

Good stuff. I feel stress-free and more focused at work.

Cutting Edge

These are great and have a subtle effect. It gives some great benefits with clarity and protection in a world full of metaphorical fog and toxins. It's nice to be able to fight back. Have used them for months now and will continue to use them. This company has its finger on the pulse.

Works well with no sides

I have used this for many months now and it is subtle but works well. I no longer get angry as much and I am in better control of my emotions generally. I like it and will continue to use it.


Tremendous product for being "on it like a car bonnet" - I have and to use an assortment of nootropics to avoid tolerance build-up. This is one of the best. Hydrapharm always seems to be cutting edge. I like it and have bought it several times.

Best Focus Ever

I feel very focused and clear in my thoughts. Can definitely feel the strong effects of the product!

Another great Nootropic

I am always on the lookout for ways to enhance my performance with my work rest and play. Hydrapharm seems to have a lot of stuff that meets those needs with minimal sides. I am 58yrs old and I am not slowing down anytime soon. Ripped 24/7 and sharp as a tack and all in a good mood. That is rare.

When the going gets tough..

More concentration and feels like you're more focused at work and at home when the going gets tough. I will test it more in the future.

Great for work

Takes a few days to really feel the benefit but within a week I noticed better focus, particularly in the afternoons when brain power is usually getting exhausted. Will definitely be buying again.


I have taken nootropics in the past but this is by far my favourite. Really keeps stress levels at bay and helps you to think clearly for a few hours at a time. I use this as a study-aid whilst preparing for university exams. Also not too pricey so would definitely recommend this to people in a similar situation to me!

Best anti stress ever

I loved this product right away, feeling focused and relaxed. Very effective product, I recommend!

Great for overall mood and stress

Emoxypine is a great addition by Hydrapharm. It has a ton of research behind it which shows it is effective in humans for lots of purposes but for me the best thing about it is it calms me down as I suffer from a certain amount of overstimulation so I always feel a bit wound up. While that is good in some ways, I find that with Emoxypine I can channel my energy much better, am more productive and less anxious.