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Very good

Muscle hardening and good energy

Pump star

I have to say I am well impressed with this stuff, I feel really good, it's only been two weeks of a 4 week cycle but I can feel the difference in myself. I have a stressful job but I have felt more up-beat about my day today. I've had good aggression in the gym too with some good dry lean gains. It is more expensive than other suppliers, but hey ho, Predator are always running offers.

5 Stars

A bit on the expensive side but well worth it if you're serious about training. Fantastic strength and energy boosts.

Top Notch

I have used Erase Pro + a number of times now, each time dropping a few pounds while getting leaner, stronger and harder while just feeling better all round! Would highly recomend a decent cycle of this!

Good results but a little pricey

I unlike most preferred the old anabeta before they brought out the elite version. You will see some results if your diet and training are good. I ran it for 8 weeks and put on a little size. I think it is more tailored towards a bulk as it makes you very hungry. I didn't notice any increase in testosterone. Good overall product. Run it with pes erase if you are using it on a cut.

Does what it says.

Well... like the title says, it does exactly what it promises, water retention went down, became a litlle dryer and vascular. I guess you could stack it with some good DAA, for even better results. Its worth the money

Erase pro +

Fast delivery, feeling more lively already.

Erasing water retention!

Great product! Getting me lean and dry after 4 weeks with good diet plan and training. Good improvement in strength too.


A very good test booster, been using it for a week, and can already feel it working - more lean mass, better pumps and that alpha feeling ... Amazing!


Since I started taking Erase Pro I have literally become harder, stronger and best of all my sex drive is off the charts!

As good as it gets

Erase Pro is a really great test booster which surprised me by how effective it was. Compared to other products I have taken in this style, erase pro gave me a better combination of not just strength gains but size gains AND fat loss at the same time. Can't recommend this one enough.


Erase pro such a massive fan of this! A mate introduced it to me saying it was a whole new level from the original erase and it really is great - such a noticeable difference in strength and hardness especially and works a treat for fat loss too AAA rating nothing less! (If you want to put it in a stack or on a cheeky sale sometime Im sure some bulk orders would come flying in! I know I would anyway!)

PES = Best of the best

Hey I have tried many products from pes and I have once tried Erase when I was cutting and I really liked the product and it really does what it says = hard body. Now I am cutting for the summer and using Erase pro, stacked with alphamine and I have had really really good results. I have not lost a lot or even any gains from my bulk what is rly nice. First feelings from erase pro are very similar to normal erase, it drys you up.. basically all water weight is lost in couple of days and to me that is good. Secondly it gives you strength, I am on diet and lost all rdy 6 kilos of fat and still I am handling the same weights that I was on my bulk!? Only bad things with this product are couple back bumbs here and there (and rly I mean only couple - like 5 on the whole 3weeks? so not bad) and what suprised me = dry joints... I didn't feel this on normal erase but on erase pro I got dry joints but It does not rly affect me, only when I do bench press I cannot lift as much as I would like to, since the pain on my elbows. I do not rly ''recommend'' this product for bulking or for strength since there is Anabeta Elite for that, but for cutting this is really propably the best product out there, especially if you stack it with Alphamine = best combo out there. For me, Pes makes the best products I have ever tried.. period!

Superior to the old version

I find this much more potent than the original erase and have had excellent drying out / fat loss effects when stacked with alphamine. I have got more compliments on how my abs look much sharper and chest looks more striated, it has even helped bring out cross striations in my quads. 5/5 awesome product well done PES.


definite increase in lean muscle,lost a bit of fat making veins more noticeable, definite increase in libido (working with hot women doesn't help) and amazing recovery


I was doutbful this would live upto the hype but it turned out to be great. I gained muscle, strength, lost fat and felt great (big lift in sex drive I noticed).

very powerfull sup

Definitely worth the money noticed a spike in strength after first week using it by the end of the cycle was lifting like a champ and definitely dose wonders for your bedroom performance ;) loved this sup and have just bought another 30days worth top marks will most likely buy again.


Have been trying the erase and erase pro , this is in my opinion very strong.Perhaps should it be interesting to begin with erase to access the tolerance especially because of some join pain feeling.

The best version of erase pro

Having tried the new one I think this one is far superior. The new one to be honest was hardly noticeable while this Erase Pro kicks in quickly and you can get definite muscle gains in a week or so.

best pct

friend told me about this and was a bit skeptical about trying at first but certainly glad I did would use again with no side effects great product

It Works

I took Erase only 6 days now. I've got very good strength, though I lie in calorie deficit. I went 80 to 110 in bench press only in 6 days. libido is much much better. The problem is with this product: I get very angry.

Good job well done

Excellent at doing what it says on the tin, good job well donee, shame it's a little expensive yet I would definitely recommend it and is definitely worth paying for the best results from this

perfect stuff

it does exactly what the description promises! within some days you feel stronger, get leaner, loose weight at the same time you gain strength! unbelievable but true..huge improvement over the old EP.

Trumps the old Erase Pro

I've used this and the old Erase Pro and in my opinion the new formula feels better in every way. With the old Erase Pro dry joints were ever so present as well as other unsettling side effects such as a dull ache ''down there'' caused in my case by 17-dione. The new formula works its magic without any side effects. The only thing you will feel while using this is awesome aggression and strength increases in the gym. Seven days left of my 8 week cycle and I can't wait to hit my next round!


I've used this and the old Erase Pro. I best like the old. The old work on the first day and it has many good things.The new works after 4 weeks and it does not work as the old.