9 genuine reviews
Decent product

It kicks in after a few weeks, strength and endurance up, weights up at least 10%.

Give it a few weeks, stamina kicks in.

Love Follidrone. It certainly makes a difference to the volume you can output.


2 maybe 3 weeks in and I'm not sure it does anything at all to be honest!

It takes a while

I didn't notice any effects for the first 2 weeks but on third week it really kicked in. Cardio was unbelievable, can push harder for longer. I have read that this product's really starts to shine on the second bottle so I have ordered some more. As a note, do not take this late at night as you can't sleep for hours.

fat loss

I didn't notice any exceptional increase in muscle gain at the recommended dosage, but lost a couple of percent of body fat over 2 months, which isn't bad going when already fairly low at 15%. I didn't change anything else over this period so follidrone must have been responsible

Very happy with the results

I've just ordered my fourth bottle. The third one is due to end soon and I've been using this mid December at 3x a day as per the instruction. My goals were to lose fat primarily, and I feel this has played a huge part (I've ran it alongside Lean Xtreme). Obviously diet and training are most important, however I'm now pushing way heavier weights, for more reps, despite being on a severe calorie deficit and being 40 years old; there's nothing else supplement wise that I'm using that would aid that endurance.

Follidrone 2.0 Best natural product

Have used Follidrone 2.0 numerous times and it's a a truly great product, fantastic pumps an vascularity from early use. Allows a much higher calorific surplus without fat gain, therefore leading to increased muscle growth towards the end of the bottle. Really impressed with this product an Would recommend to anyone regardless of their goals!

Energy and Pump

Gives Nice Energy and endurance boost. However I doubled The dose. So far The best Natural Supplement for endurance, strength and pumps. Cardiotraining is where follidrone shines for me. I bought 2x follidrone..Next Time in would buy 4 for a longer Cycle.

Best Natural Product!!

This stuff is hands the best natural product I've ever tried! Was very sceptical at first but I can tell you I'm lifting slightly heavier with higher intensity,getting great pumps and I appear to be leaning out without trying.Be warned though it will make you hungry!!!