2 genuine reviews
Great product

Was looking for a lift due to work stress and poor sleep. This does everything on the label. I am making this my go to product and I am on my second purchase. It is expensive but you can take fewer pills once dose is established.

The best natural Nootropic i've tried

I felt this working on the first day, and while i didn't notice any cognitive benefits, there is just this nice sense of calm that reminded me of Phenibut but obviously not as strong and without the extreme tiredness you get on Phenibut. I travelled while taking these, usually i'm a nervous flyer, to my surprise, i had no issues, even with the addition of bored and crying 3 year old. The reason for the 4 stars would be the price, and it's now more expensive than when i bought it. I appreciate the ingredients aren't cheap, but something around £30-35 would be more successful in my opinion.