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Ottimo Prezzo (Great Price)

Buona qualità (Good quality)

Great product

Great for recovery. Nothing more to say. Definitely would buy this again!


Good product that fulfills its function and has a very attractive label branding.The taste of the product is exceptional also! I got it as a gift so it's equally great!

Good product

Good for recovery!


Cheap and works for me. I will purchase this product again!

Perfect while dieting

Using this product along with dietry supplements. Good loss in body fat keeping the muscle mass. Does exactly what is says.

Good product!

Ive always used L-Glutamine with BCAA. It helps me recover.

Great product

Supports recuperation.

Predator nutrition glutamine

Helping me through the winter period

Will buy again

Bought this with my loyalty points! Can not fault it. Does me good and great value for money. It's tasteless so I add it to my juice, Aminos and protein shakes. I will buy again when my tub runs out.

Great product!

Received a free tub and very impressed with the results. Recommended.

Speedy Recovery

I chose to use Glutamine due to currently being on quite a strict diet, but still training hard. Before I used Predator's glutamine, my recovery speed was very slow, with DOMS lasting for several days. After starting with this Glutamine, using it in the mornings and evenings after training, I am able to train (and move) again very quickly. The powder mixes well with any other supplements that you could be using - I am currently using it with a BCAA powder - it's barely noticeable. I would recommend this product to anyone who is after a good quality Glutamine / solution to diet and recovery. Suitable for male/female (I am a 5ft4 female who trains 4+ times a week, mixed strength and cardio).


This product is helpful and effective during workouts; but could be flavoured so it's more satisfying to drink. Overall a good product.

Energy Booster During!

I use this product as part of my BCAA's during my workouts, I find it gives me more energy during sets to complete more exercises

Good product

Ive always used L-Glutamine. It helps me recover faster and boosts my immunity. This product offers a quality Glutamine at a good price point.

Cheap and effective recovery supp

Glutamine is great for bodybuilding because it helps you recover faster. I've given it four stars only though because I only think you need it when dieting not bulking which makes it less useful if you're bulking.