Not to "in your face" but you can certainly notice it!

I have used this product twice to assist with cutting excess body fat after a couple of breaks from CrossFit. Mixed with a clean diet and cardio/weights, I would say this increases my calorie burn buy approx. 25%. I use a permanently on heart rate monitor to track my calorie burn and this certainly does increase my calorie burn numbers significantly. I take two at 05:40, around 40 minutes before I get to the gym. I can tell when it's kicking in as I begin to feel physically warmer. When working out I sweat loads which I am pleased about as I can tell the ingredients are taking effect. The best bit for me, is that unlike coffee or other caffeine drinks, I do not feel a crash. I am very sensitive to caffeine and usually find myself struggling in the afternoons at work. This is not the case with Grenade Thermo Detonator. I am very pleased with this product.

Works well

Not too much of a heavy stim. Warm feeling about 15 minutes after taking (for me). Stack with other non-stim burners for a greater effect.

Good but not great

Decent for energy but not as good as Alphamine or Superstim.

Does the job

i have tried a couple different fat burners but Grenade for me proved most successful. As with other fat burners you need to put in the work but this is a definite help. Great supp. Predators low price is a bonus too!