4 genuine reviews
Good results for a natty AI

I can tell it works although I kept the dosage in the medium-lower range, all I needed to do was to get rid of extra water weight and for this purpose it worked nicely. I feel to suggest this product for those who needs a mild AI with no sides.

Best on the market

Best OTC estrogen controlling supplement on the market. When ever I see any signs that my levels are high, this is my go to supplement.

Good bang for your buck

Not as strong as some other anti-e products out there, but it's cheap works as basic protection against estrogen conversion while on cycle. Would recommend picking something stronger for those trying to fight aggressive gyno.3 Pills a day. But if you are using only as a precaution, you can get away with 2 a day to make them last longer, allowing you to start taking this a few days prior to your PH cycle (best practice)

Dry and lean!

This supplement is great! I switched to this when I couldn't get hold of the original PES erase anymore. After only a few days you can see the difference. If you are prone to having high oestrogen or taking a natural test booster like DAA it is a must. It definitely makes you look leaner and helps get rid of water around the body. Only thing I would say is double up on fish oils as it can make your joints dry, if they don't work try cissus! I took 3 a day but 2 works well as well.