Nice tasting protein, 100% recommend.

Not the best tasting

Got the nutellaz one, tastes rather weak to be honest i expected more flavour after reading the review on the cream egg one. Mixes well though and no lumps.

Amazing taste, amazing texture

Mixes extremely easy just like a true isolate should, and the taste is unbeatable compared to other isolates ive tried!


Creme Egg protein seemed like a great idea and I'm sure it would be if it tasted like Creme Egg. But this tastes like the sun god of thousand artificial sweeteners. Had to smash through the bag as quickly as possible. Back to Gold Standard it is then. This is for Creme Egg flavour - I can't speak of the others!

Unique protein flavours

I tried the cream egg flavour, taste is very sweet and a bit too sickly for me. Not as tasty as the real thing. Thought this flavour is still nice enough to enjoy. I will try another flavour next time.

How does it taste so good...

You open the bag and your first thought it..this smells exactly like Nutella!! Tastes amazing, even with water, and has great quality protein content.

Great Macros

This is a great Protein powder at a very good price. Zero sugar, zero fat and zero carbs! My only word of warning to you guys is …… this Canadian product tastes NOTHING like the cream eggs us brits will expect when we look at and order the “Creme Eggz” variety. Having said that, the taste is pretty good just nothing like the little foil covered treats we buy at Easter in the UK.