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Works well

Good strength booster with no sides! Great supplement and would highly recommend this.

Great Product

I have ran two cycles of this product and it hasn't let me down yet. Great strength gains especially when stacked with other PH's.


Great product. I haven't experienced any side effects as of yet. Good lean mass gainer and strength builder.

Nice gains

I really liked this. Good strength gains, no side effects, no lethargy. I will definitely buy it again and stack it with one more product. I will be ordering more when it comes back in stock.

Big Ramy ;-)

Massive mass gains but lethargic I was. I used a combo with nano-1T

Liquitren review

After four week I could see increased hardness in my biceps, improved strength as well as noticeable definition. And knowing that it is less taxing on my internal organs is also a plus.


Used Liquitren along with Nano 1t produced very good strength gains muscle mass gain after 20 days about 4 kg more sculpted abdomen run x 40 days then i still expect improvements. Recommend to drop them together great

Definitely works

First of all, to the reviewer "Y"... You said it doesn't taste great and that you need to drink it with lots of juice... You apply this to your skin dude! But anyway, this stuff works. It doesn't work as dramatically as "real" tren. You don't get the night terrors, the paranoia, the extreme exhaustion etc, but the results are still quite strong for a prohormone.After 3 days in you should notice an increase in body temperature and sweating without exercise. There was a great increase in mood after the first week and by week 3 I had gained a fair amount of strength. I abandoned pre-workouts during this cycle as I didn't feel like I needed them at all. I had that 'pre workout feeling' all throughout the day. It also smells like ham and makes your t-shirts go yellow. Skin was very red towards the end of the cycle, but it went away shortly after discontinuing use.


Used it together with Nano 1T, felt good increase of strength and gained over 6 lbs during period. The taste ist not the best, i had to drink it with a lot of juice but at least it worked.


bit on the pricey side, but sustained release due to transdermal delivery. Non sticky and rubs in quickly and easily. only transdermal trenavar available as far as I can tell, too. Smells good and non greasy. Fewer sides than pills because sustained release yields steadier blood levels. perfect for people who prefer not to swallow pills.

waste of money

After 4 weeks Ive felt no affects of this at all


I use this in conjunction with 11-KT. Being a woman I use a fraction of the dose. I have slightly greasier skin but other than that no hairloss; my workouts are good and recovery seems faster too.


This is a great prohormone. Noticed really good gains, with little to no sides. Strength, size and hardness all increased. Only four stars though, as the bottle ran out after 23 days, dosed at 1ml per day according to the dropper, just when the real gains were starting to appear. Would definitely run this again, but 2 bottles over 6 weeks.

Nano 1t and Liquitren

I'm about 3 weeks into a Nano 1t and Liquitren cycle and I'm loving it ( except the burning taste of the 1t ). Size and strength have increased very noticeably, muscles are a lot harder and there has been no sides such as lethargy which was my main worry. Would easily recommend this cycle to people. Word of warning. Drink something immediately after you take the 1t to minimise the burning sensation on your throat. Don't be put off by this though.