Great Product!

I use this everyday for hitting my fat macros while dieting. It's tasty & convenient.


Ideal for better tasting salad or with any other meal

Macadamia Nut Oil

Very satisfied with this product, and i would highly recommend this over any other oil out there for anyone looking to improve their health markers. Not only does this oil surpass extra virgin olive oil in terms of monounsaturated fat the flavour is just amazingly good compared to any other oil, and being able to cook with it is a huge plus. It is a bit expensive but for good reasons.


Good fats

Way better than your average Olive oil.

I bought this oil some time ago and i was really impressed by its taste. I Used it to cook eggs and meat. If you never tried a nut oil but espacially a macadamia nut oil - you Should give this One a try!

Best Oil Around

Much better than olive oil tastes so much nicer so you can add it to food for healthy fats also has a higher smoke point than olive oil so you can cook with it too without it spoiling