12 genuine reviews
Great shaker

One of the best shakers I have used. Would definitely recommend people buying one!

Don’t waste your money

The product worked well the first five times I used it then the button broke. Stick to the cheaper, more reliable shakers with the ball.

Must buy

Amazing product works smoothly


Normally when I have an all in one protein powder, my shake is always lumpy however this mixes the shake very well and i've never had any problems with it!


I like my gadgets and thought I would get this. I know I can shake my own protein but this does blend it really well and fast. I use it for my intra workout with the protein shake in the holder and then tip it in after the workout... No more lumps... Makes shakes v smooth and easy to drink


Really like it.great stuff

Solid Shaker

I have used the shaker now for protein powders, creatine and BCAA with the outcome the same every time - fast, efficient and does the job. Plus the added benefit of being able to charge up the shaker with a USB cable is a massive plus!

Best shaker around

This is pretty much the same as promixx 2.0 but better in appearance. Build quality is better than normal shakers, doesn't smell after use etc. Saw the review below but I use trutein myself and if i put water in and then powder i have no issues mixing at all.

Not hugely impressed

I got this free with an order, very glad I didn't spend £40, the mixer left alot of lumps in the protein (trutein normally mixes quite well) and the powder clogged to the side of the shaker, so I had had to blend afterwards. Overall quality is quite good, would work well with Bcaa's and other thin powders.

Well worth the buy

Great shaker, mixes superbly and really easy to clean. I have used it about 50 times now but the novelty still hasn't worn off yet! Really cool shaker

Best Mixer on the go

I am very impressed with this mixer. I have to say I was a bit skeptical going in but it has outperformed my expectations. The motor has more than enough power to blast through protein mix. I love the included compartment to store dry powder to be mixed later. Possibly my favorite thing about it is how easy it is to clean. Put a little soap and water in, give the motor another spin, give it a quick rinse and you're all set.

Good Build

Good build and does it job pretty well, could've been way cooler with metal blades.