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Ottimo (Great)

Aumeto di massa magra di 4 kg in 3 settimana e aumento della forza incredibile Lean mass increase of 4kg in 3 weeks and incredible strength increase also.

Excellent for muscle endurance, strength and recovery

Very good for muscle endurance, strength and recovery. I feel stronger and more calm; love it.

Feel the Pump

I've been using this product for a month alongside a number of other products from Predator and this has definitely made me look hard and vascular in the gym. Would highly recommend!

So far so good!

I have taken the full 30 servings over the past 4 weeks and stacked it with Olympus labs R3ign. The pumps are insane and after 3 weeks, my strength kicked in. Managed to get a PB on bench and overall just looking and feeling more solid. I would definitely recommend this product.

muscle pumps and strength gains

From the first dose the muscle pumps are full and rock solid. Day 20 - the strength increases were noticeable and not a placebo effect. However i did have a strange head ache from day 25 - possible sides? Overall this is a supplement that actually delivers on its claims!

So far so good

Currently been taking for just under 3 weeks and I’ve noticed some muscle and strength gains.

Massacre your gainz!

This is one of the best muscle builders I've come across for sure! As many say about epicatechin.. it takes around 2-3 weeks to really kick in. I bought two bottles and I'm in my 4 week now. I really start to feel more endurance during my workouts, pretty stronger and the pumps is SICK! Even if I gained just a little bit of more fat.. I look more vascular, and the nicest thing about this product is that.. if you take a break from heavy pwo stims.. you still get insane pumps from the Vaso6 ingredient.I have one more bottle to finish, god knows what even 4 more weeks will do to my physique. I'll definitely buy this again and probably add phosphatidic acid and a strong test booster to it for even greater gainz!

Pumps & Vascularity

I experienced good muscle pumps and great vascularity whilst using this product. I see it as an add-on rather than a standalone muscle builder but would use again.