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Really does work. Strength increase and combine it with andro test to look like a mutant.

Fantastic product

Used two bottles across a 6 week cycle, followed by Alchemy as a PCT. No side effects and made significant strength and size gains. Highly recommended if you want something safe and effective without needing a heap of support supplements.

Good stuff

4 stars for flavour. Very good product, highly recommended.

5 star

Works 100%. 14+lbs gained, on a 4/5 week course (with androtest) twice with 6 months apart. Nano IT has to be paired with androtest, which is 4-andro type product if bulking is what to achieve. Otherwise is very good used alone to preserve muscle while cutting. Highly recommended!

Gains comin thick and fast!

I'm just over 2 weeks in and must say this stuff is amazing, I can see visible results as density and strength is way up; In just 2 weeks! The taste is not the greatest though... its taken by adding drops under your tongue, hold it there for a minute then swallow with some kind of juice, and then I guess it's not too bad.

Great for cutting

Great for cutting at 2ml ED.


Its amazing.increase endurance and lifting heavier weights after first week. Make sure you drink plenty of water, at least 3.8L/day.

Nano 1T

Second time I've used this PH. Ran 2 bottles over 8 weeks during a hard cutting phase. Helped me hold on to my strength and size. The mild sides I experienced were itchy sore nips. Added a low dose of ATD in and all was good. Definitely recommend this PH!

Nano is the 1!

Achieved spectacular training volumes with a 12 ton volume on the squat in less then one hour. No belt, suit, or wraps. Rep records broke constantly on all major compound lifts. All done on a 28 day cycle. This is just the beginning for me!

Works well

It burns soon after taking and it doesn’t taste particularly great, but you’ll get the results you’re looking for!

Good but not great

A good product with no sides but I never felt the X factor which you get from other supps. Still a solid ph.

Incredible product

Does what it advertises. Definitely recommend.

it just works

I am almost three weeks in and have noticed my muscles have gotten hard lean and in the second week i could lift more, also i don't feel that fatigued when staked with androtest. I've been feeling great working out three days a week at home in my gym. I'd like to thank your customer support team who sorted my order out promptly!

Best Prohormone

I took this PH exactly one year ago and it was incredible, the gains is not as real roids (dballs or testo e) but definitely noticeable. If I remember right, i gained around 6-8lbs in 1 month, just ordered another bottle to shape up for this beach body 2019!


Stacked with Liquitren, works great!

Love it

I feel stronger whilst on this product. The burning sensation after taking this is not great, but it only lasts about 3 minutes.


2 stars simply for taste..worst thing I've tasted feels more like acid or pure Ethanol or paint stripper..burns your mouth it's horrendous to take I've took 1ml so far and don't know if I will take any more it's that bad. For the gains I don't know as only took 1ml. NOTE: Nano 1T can be mixed with a drink to avoid taste issues.

Tastes bad, gains are phenomenal

Best prohormone I’ve used simply cos it delivers lean definition and strength even while eating badly. Muscles feel like granite when using this!


Good gains, does burn a little, but drink some juice afterwards and you'll be good to go.

Great for lean gains

I would recommend this product on a cycle for lean gains. But make sure to keep a healthy diet going the whole time with sufficient protein and you wont be disappointed.

Great once you get past the taste

Very good PH to stack with anything really however the taste isn't great and stays in you throat for a while after. Got over this by having a protein shake straight after. After stacking this with Nanobol and Androtest I went up a shirt size

My favourite PH

It does taste bad but neck it with some juice and it’s fine. I love this cos it’s perfect for cutting and lean bulking AND strength. No estrogen or dhl conversion and no liver stress makes it a winner too.

Noticeable Gains!

Did 3 weeks of this and saw noticeable gains. Will now buy it again stacked with Hydrapharm's Adamanite.

Just started (3 DAYS in - 1ml per day)

It does burn. Solution: mixing with juice or soda, but don't drink a protein shake with it as it is just gonna make it gives you a horrible aftertaste. Haven't noticed much yet also stacking it with rad 140 (gonna update once i reach week 3-4).

Definitely seeing results

Into Week #2 - definitely see a change - noticing lean definition and a small increase in strength, though most noticeable is in my legs routine. Squats are stronger and also endurance is definitely increased a bit. Getting used to the strong spicy taste in my drinks.Skin is more oily than before and had some small breaks outs, but they have since cleared. Libido is definitely increased, just thinking about something arousing gets things going fast. I'm stacking with 11-Ket and the belly fat is melting VERY well in the last 2 weeks, no water gains, things are staying solid and lean, definition is increasing and the waist and lower back have all lost a lot of fat and water. Very impressed over all. Will like to see how things are by 8 weeks. I've already received my PCT supps - want to come off this in a very smooth transition and get the HTPA in proper place once completed.

Good stuff

Good results over a 4 week period. Recommended to add to food as it tastes horrible if only added to water or shakes.

It does burn...

My order of 1T arrived... Looking forward to seeing the results. I previously bought 11-KET which is definitely working, seeing a leaning out and more vascularity. Hoping to stack the 1T with it to get some good lean gains. So I was surprised, it's a milky substance, not your normal clear liquid. No big deal, the dropper very clearly shows the measurement amount and a simple gentle tap settles it and you get the right amount. I mixed 5ml into a can of 12 ounces of soda to try to dilute it and make it easier to take. It definitely does burn, so everyone who mentioned this is quite right. But we are not babies, we can all handle a little spicy/hot food or drink in our lives... Going to order some PCT now so I am ready to come off of both PH's and have a smooth transition back into regular test and hormone levels... Looking forward to seeing some solid results.

Nano 1t & Androtest

I've used Androtest on its own previously so have stacked this and Nano 1t for an 8 week cycle just in time for when summer kicks in. 1 week in and results are noticeable along with strength and recovery. Any review about the slight burning sensation is over the top, just drink a protein shake straight away and you won't notice it. a clean diet, plenty of protein and hard work down the gym and this will do wonders!

Excellent results for a first time prohormone user

I'm a 44 year old male, combined with Nanodrol and I was able to gain 5kg of muscle in a three week cycle.

Good product and low side effects

I use several times nano-1T. It is good one.

Nano 1t

Great product! I've been using it for about a week now and I have increased in about 40-50kg in physical strength as well as more muscle definition.

Nano 1T

Amazing product, works fast

Nano 1T

Paired with Ostarine Max. Noticed some gains. One of the better prohormones that I've tried.

Nano 1t

Bought two bottles dosed at 1ml and a half a day in the morning afternoon and evening together with Liquitren .4 kg in 20 days I still ran for 20 days so I still look mass and, very good advice. As for the taste I just drink I take a milkshake Protein to cover the taste.

Does the Job

Just did Nano 1T & Androtest Stack & went up 5kg / 8 weeks. Much of the weight seem to be Quality mass and of course some amount of water. Nano 1T does the job as long as you train hard & eat well, It's a prohormone & no magic but you will have results!


I'm 45 yeats old and testosterone levels are already decreasing naturally. I've tried medicall testosterone supps,, but I stopped it because of gyno-effects and liver load. This is much gently for me, because it doesn't convert and load liver so much. So I get same benefits with increased libido and energy levels, but less or no negative side-effects. I stacked this with Liquitren and recovery levels has been increased enormously. In post cycles I've taken Alchemy and Bulbine in stack. I'm more than satisfied.

Good bulk

Thought id give this a go around winter time noticed an increase in size around 2 weeks in 👍👍


Used it together with Liquitren, felt good increase of strength and gained over 6 lbs during period. The taste ist not the best, i had to drink it with a lot of juice but at least it worked.


Tried this almost a year ago now and I've experimented with other pro hormones before and after, but nothing really seems to do it better. Does everything it says on the tin, only bad thing about it is the taste... but can be easily fixed when followed with some milk or a shake, anything really that tends to take away the slight spicy-ness of it.

nano 1t

arguably the strongest non methylated prohormone available, and nano absorb technology makes it so much more effective. Minimal sides for such a strong pro hormone, with no conversion to oestrogen and unlikely male pattern baldness or aggression. Huge lean hard mass gains possible with correct training and eating, etc. Hope this returns. A favourite of mine.


I have tried this product and believe it has helped me overall weight out training. Although I will admit that my use was inconsistent I have another bottle and I am eager to stay consistent while using it to see what my results will be.


Small gains, gives some hardening and strength boost. Effects definitely not as advertised, and the burning sensation is awful.

Nano 1t

Great product


Exceptional gains

Nano it

Great product . I put on a good 7 ponds of quality mucsel with this prohormone over a 6 week cycle with two bottles !!! Worth the money

Nano 1t and Liquitren.

I'm about 3 weeks into a Nano 1t and Liquitren cycle and I'm loving it ( except the burning taste of the 1t ). Size and strength have increased very noticeably, muscles are a lot harder and there has been no sides such as lethargy which was my main worry. Would easily recommend this cycle to people. Word of warning. Drink something immediately after you take the 1t to minimise the burning sensation on your throat. Don't be put off by this though.