Good Pre-Workout!

This is a fine pre-workout product, even in cutting phase. I felt like I had good focus during my workouts but had to double the scoops to increase my energy.

Tasty Apple flavour

Liked the Apple flavour. A bit like an apple pie kind of taste. Definitely felt a bit of a kick in this one - think I personally need 2 scoops rather than one. A good product that I think may have just got better!

Same as ever

Great pump - not much energy. But that’s the formula that BSN has used since the start. So no complaints here. You get exactly what you'd expect!

Great tasting

Tastes great and definitely gave me a boost in the gym. Definitely one of the better creatine products i've used.


I always cycle my pre workout between brands, but always seem to come back to this. There is no quick buzz but helps me last longer and lift more in the gym.

Great Product - Pump!

Brilliant taste for a preworkout! Feel great and good level of macros.

Great Pumps and Energy

Great Product. It gave me great pumps and energy throughout my workout. Mixes smooth and love the taste too.

4 Stars

Great price and a good pre-workout, but not as effective as others I've tried. Be careful not to shake it as it mentions on the instructions!

4 Stars

Great pump and decent focus, especially for the price, not but the best pre-workout I've tried.

Five star

It does what it says and watermelon is my favourite

Weak flavour

First time I tried this I was flying all morning. My mistake, I had a sample but took it all when in fact it was meant for 2 sessions. Not keen on the blue raspberry flavour, I find it a bit weak.