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Bday sweetness

I did try the sachet first and I loved it, even I am not fan of the sprinkles anywhere. Nice texture, literally like a cake. 1 star down for it being too much sweet.


I didn't enjoy this as much as other nuts n more products and other similar brands flavours. I found it to be far too sweet and the nut butter on this flavour dried up very quickly.

My protein shakes become heavenly

I love to try as many different versions of nut protein butters as I can. We are spoilt for choice. My protein shakes become heavenly and keep me satiated for much longer when I add some peanut butter. All good!


As much as birthday cake is a flavor that is alien to me (it's very US, not common in Europe), the taste is very nice, sweet but not too sweet. The texture is very cute with the multi-color sprinkles blended in it.


Thought the birthday cake flavour was just a fad. I seriously hope not! This stuff is UNREAL! Strawberry, Vanilla, Sprinkles! Honestly amazzzzzzing!