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Rocket Pop flavour is not good

The content of BCAA's are pretty similar across all brands, so the biggest factor for most BCAA's is flavour. I got 2 tubs for cheap as part of promotions, and sadly it will just go to waste. The rocket pop flavour tastes like drinking cheap syrup at best. As BCAAs its a fine product, but with this the only flavour it's not for me at all. Xtend or Yummy Candies BCAAs are my go to brands for good taste.

top shelf aminos

this product is simply amazing: tastes delicious, mixes great even without shaker and comes at a very competitive price.

Nice intra/Bcaa

My other half is quite fussy about her intras but really like this so we always have a pot on hand! Not synthetic tasting like some of the other blue drinks.

bcaa at its best

a perfect product bcaa at the best racio its affordable and you cant go wrong with rocket pop flavour

BCAA Predator ice rocket pop

Great product....helps me out before, during and after my workouts!

Amazing taste

I love this bcaa, gives me plenty of energy during workouts. Mixes really well plus rocket pop tastes amazing. Great product! Highly recommended.


Tastes great and mixes easily. I have it during my workout and helps a lot!

Good quality!

I use this as my intra workout! 10 out of 10! Quality product !

Great product

Great taste, mixes well and zero calories! started my third pot of the stuff!

Great product

Good intra workout drink!

Good product

Bought a tub of this to replace my Beast aminos. Got the rocket pop flavour which is abit sweet but good value for money and would buy again.

Nice product

Tastes and mixes very well and doesn't leave that sticky taste in your mouth while your training. Defiantly on my supps list from now on!

Great product

Great tasting, enhances recovery.

Pred Bcaa

Great tasting bcaa, highly recommend!.


Great product. Mixes well and tastes delicious, also, no annoying soy lecithin (I’m soy intolerant) in the ingredients!

Great taste

What a bonus! Got this free with Predator Whey while it was on offer and it mixes well and tastes great!

Much better than myprotein

Great tasting product, a lot better than the myprotein brand. Also got this free with the predator whey deal, couldn’t be happier.

Taste great!

Brilliant tasting BCAAS, mix really well and never a chore to drink! Would definitely recommend!

Amazing taste

Great tasting and a flavour I have never tried before. Will be buying more in the future.

Great product

I love this! Mixes so easily, you don't even need to shake it, just pour into a water bottle and go. I can't tell if this is doing anything for my recovery but it tastes pretty good and I feel it hydrates better than water alone.

Brilliant tasting

Does as what it says on the tub. I wish I had taken this before. Value for money and a high-quality product!! I rate Predator Nutrition for having quality products.

Tastes brilliant!

Tastes great not too sweet and does exactly what it says on the tin!


Good nutritional ratio and just like many others, I really like the flavour!

Very impressed

Great taste, mixes well and works! What’s not to love??

So Good I Ordered More Straight Away

The best-tasting BCAA's I have ever had. I ordered more the same day I received my first tub. Wow.

Good choice

Got this from my loyalty points, Cheers Predator Nutrition! I need this for my hardcore days at the gym. Great taste and easy to mix!

Best tasting

Great tasting and felt better after using it.

A fasted gym session go to.

I often train fasted in the mornings, and this does me well. Great tasting and effective.

Great Taste!

Tastes unbelievable and great ingredient profile, will buy again!

Always use after training

Always use after my training good recovery and great results.

Rocket pop..

Like many others have said, great tasting. Really liked this and good price at the moment.

Best tasting intra workout

Tastes amazing and I feel refreshed during my workout, really helps you workout longer. Well done guys!

Amazing taste

I have found a great replacement to curb my sweet tooth and desire for a sugary drink. If not used during a workout , I sip on this throughout the day- might even make into an ice lolly when the weather heats up!!

Does what it says

Tastes great and also helps give you a bit of a boost during your workout when you start to fatigue.

Rocket Pop

Really love the flavour and does its job well!

Mixes well, taste good.

Good BCAA, Rocket pop flavor is a bit too sweet for me, but I just add more water and some extra L-Citrulline for sourness, maybe 350ml/scoop is better to me.

Great taste

Taste is Great. Tastes like the bpi snowcone bcaa but stronger and better flavour.

Tastes amazing

I’ve picked these up on offer and having used Myproteins bcaa before, all I can say is that the taste and mixability is another level here. Tastes like an ice lolly and clean in appearance and with 5g bcaa, perfect for recovery.


Really helped with recovery loved it

5 Stars

Great price and noticeably helps with recovery.