Not sure what i was expecting but i was surprisingly pleased with the cherry and almond flavour. Would highly recommend.


These brownies are absolutely delicious.... I’ve been buying them for a couple of years now and the taste never disappoints. However with my recent purchase of the chocolate brownie I was truly disappointed in the size of the brownie. For the same price previously the brownies were double the size.. Hence the 3 stars.

Best Brownies Ever !

I only ordered these by chance but I am so glad I did. They are delicious! moist, rich and taste like heaven! Recommended.

Wow tasty!

Chewy, tasty and would definitely buy again!


Genuinely the best protein brownies I've ever tasted. Had the peanut butter one, peanut butter and raspberry and the plain chocolate one, all are so fudgey and not overpoweringly chocolatey. Protein brownies perfection!

VERY nice!

These are VERY nice! More cake-ish than brownie-ish (not as dense nor moist as a regular brownie). To put it's nutritional values into perspective, still >340kcal, and a Snickers bar is <490kcal, but the PN brownie has 15g protein and a Snickers only 8. So, overall, a good alternative desert for your cheat meal...


Best tasting protein bar I've had by far. Soft and chewy, tastes amazing. Definitely recommend!

Oooh wow

I could happily live off these. They taste great. No powdery or chewy texture that gives you jaw ache after every bite. Just soft creamy taste explosion.

Yes Yes Yes.

These things are amazing. Incredibly tasty and a good protein source. You should definitely try them!

Yum Yum

Tasty and fresh, 5 stars!

Amazing taste

Amazing taste, could not recommend anymore

Best Protein Brownie I've had.

It's a shame the plastic bag was smeared in salted caramel for aestetics, but it made up for it with powerful taste!

Strong taste of good chocolate

Amazing Brownie. Would wish there were more protein pr. kcal. That would be amazing for cutting!


Literally the most amazing brownie I've ever tried!

Tastes great

Glad I went with the Cherry almond flavour as it tastes amazing and doesn't taste like cardboard like other brands.

Food of the gods

These brownies are the best tasting protein containing food ever!! I have no idea how predator manufacture them but these will blow your mind. They are soft and gooey like a bakery bought traybake but get this... they actually taste nicer! I think Predator does not sell them by the box because people would stop consuming real food. I can only assume these are loaded with sugar because they taste so good.


Absolutely delicious. Creamy and a good taste of peanut butter!

V tasty

Just had the raspberry peanut flavour. Great taste, soft and chewy, and quite filling. A very useful protein snack to have when you are peckish!

Protein Brownie

Amazing taste, Best tasting protein brownie hands down!


Got 2 free samples with my order. These are too tasty. Really moist and chocolatey tastes just like a brownie. I could eat these aaaall day long.


Really didn't expect it to be this good. Had the Chocolate Pecan, and it is truly delicious. Personally i don't have a massive sweet-tooth so could be a little less sweet, but overall the best protein treat i've had. Excellent!

Top notch brownie

A very nice tasting brownie i had the butterscotch flavour. It was soft nice texture, the only reason it's not rated 5 star is because it's too small and we know big is better.


Tastes amazing and good for You?! Sounds good to me.


the texture is brilliant, definitely recommend them!


Oh my god... these brownies! Sweet, gooey, amazing. The perfect treat.


Received this in a free gift box and have to say this tasted amazing and was so delicious I could literally eat another one. Great product and is a good snack to boost your daily protein intake without consuming too many calories otherwise.

Insane Taste

Fantastic tasting brownies with an insane taste!!

Amazing brownie!

Bought one just to try it out. It might be the best brownie I've ever tasted. Crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle.. Macros are decent and the brownie is super calorie dense (ideal for bulking). Will definitely try out the other flavours!

Very Nice

Very nice tasting brownie! It doesn't bloat me or make me feel lethargic - will definitely buy more!

A real brownie

A real brownie with such a good taste! Contains a good amount of calories and is ideal for bulking! The texture is stunning, it is like a real brownie, and you don't even notice the protein taste.


Bought some products and receive free predator brownies with an offer. I didn't realise that they would be so tasty and soft, try them recommended.

Love it!

These brownies taste great!


I am really still asking to myself if these are really protein brownies! They are simply delicious and a very good post workout treat if you are on the go.


By far the best tasting protein brownies available. Most other brownies are dry and lacking flavour but these brownies go against all of that. Moist and full of flavour. I find one is just not enough ... I want more they are that good.

Is it really a Diet friendly Brownie?

Because it taste so damn good!!! Pistachio is very good!

Incredible Taste

Slight crunch on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle, just how a brownie should be and without the excessive sugary overtaste.

Best tasting

Best tasting protein snack I’ve ever tried.

mixed emotions on this one

Mmnn, its' good but maybe not the whole brownie there and then. It was good but just a tad too sweet I found to eat maybe have like a quarter spread over the day like in four separate consuming it was nice but a little too rich and sweet for me.


Best protein brownie I've ever had!!!


Omg. Those brownies are so so tasty. Perfect snack between meals!!!

Salted Caramel all the way!

I had the Salted Caramel flavour.. I was extremely happy at how tasty this brownie was! Great texture too which is hard to find in protein products.

Taste so good


Extremely tasty

Good snack before workout !!


tasty, but kind of high in fat


Another great product. Nice little treat while still bagging extra protien! Love this with a cup of coffee in the morning.

So indulgent!

These taste absolutely amazing! A great treat with 15g of protein. Love to have these after exercise. Can't fault them really :)

Loved it!

Another great product from Predator! Loved every flavor and the consistency.

Love Pecan Flavor

They are awesome, for me just as good as a regular moist brownie.like the pecan flavor best, but my kids love the white chocolate and raspberry flavor.

Perfect sweet fix!!

Would pass as a great regular brownie, let alone a protein brownie! Perfect as a snack to fend of sweet cravings. Favourable nutritional profile to similar tasting products!

100% Legit Brownies!

Earned one of these beauties as a free sample with the protein bundle Predator Nutrition were running at the time. I'm actually not a brownie fan, they're stodgy, heavy and usually really sweet which generally puts me off them. I was pretty wrong about this though, these brownies are amazing. These are really light and airy, whilst tasting absolutely superb and not sitting too heavy pre or post workout on the stomach. 100% getting these again.

Better than the rest...

I eat these every single day, the perfect snack for a dessert & completely appeases the sweet tooth inside of me!

Best brownie ever!!!

Literally the best brownie I have ever had, tried pretty much all the flavours and all are brilliant. Salted caramel and peanut butter are awesome!!!

Taste like a normal brownie

Couldn't tell the difference from a original brownie recipe, and it tasted really good. Contains high quality protein


Love these the best tasting brownie I've had i got 1 as a free sample with my last order I will definitely be ordering some of these in the near future.

First and probably only review

I don't do reviews normally but after trying these I couldn't not, by far the best tasting protein bar brownie or flapjack out there...I only wish they did a box of 12

predator brownies

The tastiest brownie I have ever had


By far the best protein snack out there. I bought these after reading the rave reviews and my god they did not disappoint. I'd previously tried the Lenny & Larry protein brownie after similar reviews and it was a huge let-down. These not only taste like proper brownies but they actually surpass them. To put this into consideration, I had some of the Mary Berry brownies and they were not as good as these. They're maybe not as macro friendly as other protein snacks but you do get a fairly decent protein hit (could do with being a bit higher) and the taste alone is worth it. So far I've tried coconut, pistachio, white choc & raspberry and orange and they were all absolutely unbelievable. Every time I am blown away by the flavour profile and the perfect squidginess. I have to restrain myself from eating five at once they're so damn good. 11/10!


These are totally amazing. I've tried most of the flavours and they are better than most non-protein brownie! I'd love to known the recipe!!


a deliciously treat full with high quality protein my favourite bar ever

Lovely !!

Most protein bars babe a similar taste to them but these are lovely , I bought two on my last order to try and I ate them both the day they turned up ! Definitely ordering more


I want anothe one nowww! Woooow great taste very very surprising me! I'll buy this next time absolutely :))


Just amazing, so tasty. A treat to your sunday Coffee.


These brownies put other protein products to shame, you can't get better anywhere especially at the price, soft and moreish if anything there too good!!! Unless you're on an all out bulk

Hands down the best protein brownie out there

Amazing taste alongside a decent nutritional profile. Tastes as good as a normal brownie!


I received a chocolate brownie in my free £15 pack and it was incredible! So good that I've just come back and ordered one each of all the flavours for me and my hubby to try. I can't wait!

Tastes AMAZING!!!

If you didnt know better you would think it was a full fat, full sugar treat, soft and moist, but packed with good nutrition. HOW???


This made my 6am start this morning bareable. So tasty I want another one already!! Thank you: )

Out Classes Quest!

I absolutely loved these Chocolate Brownie's, they taste so good! I would highly recommend these over anything like a quest bar, very filling and a great tasting snack!