14 genuine reviews

Love the bar and delivered so promptly. Only website that sells them without being fleeced on the price or postage.

Really nice

I've tried all 3 flavours and they are all really nice. Different texture than most protein bars (more like a cookie with a layer of caramel/jam and chocolate coating. quite sweet but I don't mind.

Just like a chocolate bar!

First of all like another reviewer confirmed, the texture is like a toffee crisp! That's a win in my book and 5/5 for texture. The taste was nice (choc caramel pecan) although a personal preference would be to take the pecan out. Just a shame these bars aren't 20g of protein as that's the sweet spot for me. Great purchase for a small protein dose doubling up as a tasty treat.

Love them

So pleased to find these for sale here...definitely a repeat purchase!

Love Love Love it

Tastes like Toffee Crisp. Highly recommend.

Blueberry Cobbler

Great taste and I love the varying textures you get in each mouthful. Only about 170 kcal/bar, too!

‘I Need A Hero...’

I was actually put off buying these for a while by the picture on the packaging – they looked like they consisted mostly of sticky, icky caramel and I thought they’d be sickly and oversweet. In actual fact they’re delicious. I tried the Chocolate Caramel Pecan. It contained a modest top-layer of caramel but the bulk of of it was crunchy, nutty biscuit, coated in a very good chocolate couverture. I can’t wait to try the other varieties.


Chocolate Peacan flavour is to die for. Tastes like toffee crisp chocolate!

Great Tasting Bar

I prefer these to the other Quest bars. Chocolate Caramel Pecan are the best and I love the 3 different textures - crispy, caramel and chocolate surround. They also have a great taste unlike some of similar products on the market.

I love it

Great tasting protein bars - not sticky and a delicious taste. I always have to try new products when they come to market.

Better than normal quest bars

Not only is the texture more pleasurable than the other quest bars, but the taste is also stronger/less dull, with more contrast. Macro's are not that far off the usual bars, but the taste makes these some of the best tasting protein bars on the market (on par with the carb killa ones).

Good snack

Vanilla caramel taste is just sooo delicious 10/10. Really recommend it to busy people with job who cant make meals while working. Defintely worth getting.

new and interesting

The vanilla flavor was the best, these are all good, but quite sweet. If you love granola bars, then definitely try these.

Better taste than quest bars

Been a fan of quest since the start and I actually think these are better. The only thing I'd say is that they don't taste as good as the best bars but the macros outright are the best.