Best Taste, Hands Down!

I've been using BSN products for years and swear by them. From a taste perspective, there is simply nothing better.

Best tasting shake out!

This is by far the best tasting and easiest to mix protein shake i've used!

one of best

This product had great mix-ability and speeds up the process. Also the taste was very good, really cannot complain on anything.

Really good!

This was a really good tasting protein. but why 500mg of salt per serving? I only got a sample, but I wouldn't go with 3-4 servings of this a day because of the high salt.


I used this product long time ago, and must say its very tasty! i had serious muscle growth while using this


Super tasty, low calories and not much fat/sugar

Syntha 6 Edge

Mixes very well and tastes good. Nice profile there too, would recommend this as an alternative to ON Gold Standard

Fantastic flavour

Mixed extremely well and the strawberry flavour tasted exactly like strawberry milk. Top product.

Great profit

Perfect for first thing in the morning when you wake up with your oats blended with some blueberries goes down a treat


This is really excellent, one of the best protein powder. Tastes great and has a nice consistency.

One of the best

Tastes great and has a nice consistency. The chocolate peanut butter flavour satisfies my chocolate cravings too. All round winner in my eyes!


One of the best protein powder with the best flavour! Chocolate tastes just like a chocolate milkshake, vanilla tastes like vanilla ice cream and chocolate peanut butter is fab to make protein peanut balls!

Good taste

This is really good, (referring to strawberry taste) and gives a more milkshake consistance compared to a regular protein shake.


This is without a double one of the best protein shakes out there! Absolute great taste and quality shake. It's alittle expensive compared to other brands however as they say, you get what you pay for. Good value when on the buy one get one half price offer!


One of the best tasting and most potent protein shakes around! Chocolate milkshake is great on my cearels for a pre workout meal!

The Edge

Simply the best protein blend, made cleaner. nChocolate PB Mmmm.


This protein tastes ace is it one of the nicest proteins I've ever tasted and not badly priced

very good

Best tastes ever and good for workouts quick recovery and builds

Best Protein Ever

I went to exo bodypower and try this protein and by far it is the best protein I have ever had. Good value for money and brilliant QUALITY.


The chocolate milkshake tastes great and mixes well.


Tastes awsome

Great taste!

Great taste, mixes well and delivered on time.