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Great preworkout!

I have been using Hydrapharm Hydrazine pre-workout which I really like and was looking for something to cycle when stop using. I stumbled across Vapor X5 Next Gen one and after doing some research decided to give it a go. I used it for 3 weeks now (2x a week for heavy sessions). it gives you plenty of energy and pump. I only use 1 scoop for now, and that's enough. For my next leg session might need to increase it a little bit. It does give you the tingles from beta alanine but not as bad as from some other pre-workouts I've tried before. I makes me feel energised but not like my heart is going to pop out of my chest and the taste is better than any other shake/powder form I've tried before. I use it with a little bit of water, (250-350 mil) and shake well. You do get a tiny bit of a sandy feeling at the end. I think you need to give your body a week or so to get used to it; highly recommended.