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Great product

Have tried this at maximum dosage of 6 capsules everyday. The pump was very good and gave me better strength and size. I'm going to order the bigger size so I can assess the results in a month.


A good way to get an extra anabolic stimulus, beware though, u might feel extra sore after workouts .

The best

Simply the best a natural lifter could use these days, increases strength, lean muscle mass and gives unbelievable pumps!

Best natural anabolic

I've used this supp several times, it improves my pumps and strength, and helps me to gain lean mass. I think it's the best natural anabolic in the market today, and there are many studies that confirm its effectiveness.

Best natural anabolic

This is by far the best natural anabolic product - the real deal for the gains.

It's essential to eat properly

Have tried x-factor almost a year ago. A really great product but it's essential to eat properly, follow your macros in order to see the best results from this product.

good supplement

almost one month in and I definitively see size gains in the upper body, while adding of few pounds on my lift. would recommend this !

X factor (ARA)

This is a cool one, the mechanism works true inflammatory pathways which is very interesting . DO take point though, that you check your medical stats for some conditions which this product can aggravate . But if you're in the clear of that, this product will do its work and u will feel it in a very "sore" way . A great add to any natural anabolic stack !

Best natural muscle builder

Recommended this by the customer service at predator and very, very impressed with the gains.