Incredible! but some sides..

This supplement is the best for fat loss and maintaining lean muscle mass! It is really helping to reduce stomach fat. I've used a couple times and have allways had the same side effects: Lethargy and Headaches. But the worst is trouble sleeping, but a good sleep aid supplement can work wonders. Overall I can recommend it 100%, because it is really effective and when used solo I never experienced suppression.

Works fine!

Used one bottle during a cut and have lost a couple of centimetres around the waist. Muscles feel and look a bit leaner. No need for PCT on this.


Very impressed with this. Felt a mood improvement which made workouts more enjoyable. Strength went up and I gained a noticeable amount of muscle. Muscles felt full all day and gave nice definition. Biggest thing was the fat loss around mid section which really impressed me. The reason the review did not get 5 stars was because the bottle only lasted 3 weeks instead of 4 which it should have, however, I'm really happy with the results. I did not have any suppression whatsoever which surprised me because of the results I got. I'm 41 so younger guys may not be happy with the milder gains.

good product

Lowers belly fat in a noticeable way, higher libido with no side effects felt plus no lethargy. It's suggested to use this supplement with an estrogen blocker and garlic to maintain blood pressure. I used a little less than 1 ml per day to avoid suppression.

potent stuff

Good product, very strong, take an anti estrogen with it or your nipples will bloat.


Really good product. I've been bodybuilding for 18 years, used the hard stuff before for many years but came off 4 years ago. Was looking for something less harsh, easier so use/apply and this was great. At 5'11 and 110kg, was told this wouldn't work for me but I did. Experienced improved libido, energy levels and really great pumps. Gained about 2-3kg of quality muscle which goes without saying along a good diet, and 4-5 times weight training, but no cardio. A little bit pricey but you get what you pay for so next time will go for 2 bottles.

Better this time!

Used this before, with a huge increase in strength and a few worrying sides. 18 months on I thought i'd give it one more try...Much better results! Although I lifted heavy Strength gains arent as prominent as before. whereas bodyfat stayed the same, recovery and pumps are much better! Up''d my protein, ran liver support and PCT and i've gained a decent 8lbs in 6weeks and feel pretty good. I'm 37, 15st 7lbs

My confession :)

Used this before, as my first PH-supp and after 4 days it kicked in. The first effect was increased libido and sexdreams. Second effect that I noticed was increased strenght and recovery levels in training. If could normally do 10 reps with certain weight, now I could do 11 or 12, in every sets! So in 5 sets you get actually as much reps as in 6 sets. Between sets I recovered faster than normally. Between trainings I recovered much better and I felt my self much sharper and energized than before. No need for pre-workout supps or other stimulants to get yourself at work. Appetite and depth of sleep were also better than before. All those effects together makes you developing. Very good supp. I recommend, especially for men in midage. I'm 45 ;)

amazing results

great results in a short period of time. used prior to a holiday got shredded and maintained all my gains and strength.


Good supplement for cutting fat and some slight strength gains. Nothing in the way of size. Would recommend for cutting

Great For Cutting

Excellent for getting rid of water and fat especially round the abdomen, also the stuff smell great

First Time

Great Product, it works! Greetz from Germany

Good product, better value elsewhere

I had already dropped 13-14 kg when I first started the cycle. During the cycle I didnt lose much weight, but got noticeably leaner in the abdomen area. The only side effect I had was oily skin in my face, but easily solved by cleansing. Better value with Sup3r-11?


I have cycled this product three times now and have had the same results, being a) faster recovery b) lean gains c) muscle hardening and pumps all day d) feel good factor e) zero sides GREAT PRODUCT.

X1-KT This Works!!

Been using this for just under 2 weeks, I am 24%bodyfat and due to a few hard years haven't trained much............after 2 weeks of using this with a moderate diet I have lost 1%bodyfat but gained 2kg muscle. I am sure if I worked harder on my diet the bodyfat would drop further whilst holding onto muscle and even gaining! 2kg of muscle in just under 2 weeks is not to be sniffed at for a 'mild' prohormone

Good But Be wAry

As an experienced trainer but a newcomer to prohormones i thought id start with something very mild. 3-4 weeks ive noticed an huge increase in strength along with a very deep sleep in the evenings. However even with a clean diet ive experience no recomp as described. My blood pressures gone up and The worrying thing is painful lumps under my nipples have appeared..to the point ive now discontinued use and have already kicked in my pct and a test booster and AI. I was hoping to do a 6week run but the current sides are worrying me so im not willing to take the risk.

Xl kt

I am going on to my second bottle of xl.kt and and loving the results from it. muscle density more visibly and body fat dropping noticeably !!! Will cycle this product a few times again !!

X1-KT Proharmone by Iron Legion

This product for me was very helpful with losing body fat. During a three week period while using I lost 13lbs. Further, I used thos combined with a regular, consistent weight- training rountine and noticed the difference, such as improved muscle definition as well as an increase in 'dry' muscle gains. I would recommend this product to any body wishing to not just loos unwanted excess body fat, but for increase mucle gains and definition.

Could get on

Everyones different - I couldn't sleep on this, rapid heart rate etc. After no sleep for a week or so I couldn't work out so dropped off the wagon. Don't think PH are for me

Ok, didn't get the amazing results others did

Applied 1ml per day over 30days. Nothing amazing but no sides. Weight stayed same but mid section seemed to lean up slighty. Slight libido increase. Didn't notice any extra strength in the gym.

K1-XT Bridge

I am using this to bridge from an extended Nanodrol cycle to make PCT easier and to cut up a little. Half way in and i have to say i am very impressed with the fat loss. I am much more defined already and PCT should be a breeze.

Iron Legion XI-KT

I am onto my second bottle of this stuff, its an amazing pro hormone minimal side effects to none. best with a light pct after like erased from pes. massive drop in body fat, increase fullness of my muscles (constantly looking pumped). had massive comments about how much ive changed in just 1 month of use


stuff is amazing i dropped body fat was constantly pumped and put on 2 kgs of muscle mass while cutting up ended up with body fat of 8% from 12% must buy


Very effective for fat loss, pump and vascularity...a light PCT will be enough