Preworkout: Save 15%
Dilate V2
Preworkout: Save 15%
Dilate V2

Dilate V2 Pre-Workout

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Muscle Pump/Vascularity






Save up to 20% on preworkouts!


Dilate V2

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Incredible pumps without the tingle or jitters

Non-stimulant and no creatine

Increase the performance of your workout

Can be stacked with a pre-workout for the best experience

Enhance blood flow to the working muscles

Dilate V2


Dilate is a highly effective formula which boasts a trifecta of pump ingredients that are specifically dosed to maximise pumps, vascularity and strength in each of your workouts. Pump powders work within minutes and will keep you pumped for hours after your workout! The best thing about using Dilate, is that it is a non-stimulant formula, which means you can stack it with a stimulant based pre-workout for the ultimate experience in your workout.


Pump powders should be used on training days where the goal is hypertrophy incorporating high repetition sets. It is best to take a pump formula before a workout, but if you really want an enhanced vascular physique, why not take one scoop before your workout and then one scoop in your intra-workout to keep the pump going!


Who Anyone can use a pump powder to improve results in both anaerobic and aerobic activites. These are best taken when taking part in hypertrophy workouts to give your muscles the full and vascular feel and look that you are after.



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