Arez Titanium
Arez Titanium

Arez Titanium Pre Workout

NTEL Nutra (Modern Hardcore)


Increase Energy


Preworkout: Aggressive


20 Servings
25 Servings

Arez Titanium

Product Guide

Contains pure 3000 mg of pure l-citrulline

3.2 grams of beta-alanine to buffer the build up of lactic acid

Juglans regia and eria jarensis for an immense energy surge

A whopping 350mg of caffeine per serving

One of the highest rated hardcore preworkouts around

Arez Titanium


Arez Titanium is an intense hardcore pre-workout that promotes mind-blowing pumps as well as super human focus getting you both physically and mentally ready for the workout ahead. Containing numerous ergogenic and herbal ingredients which promote optimal muscle function and enhanced mental performance.


Like any other pre-workout supplement on the market, Arez Titanium should be taken prior to your workout so that the active ingredients have enough time to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. We always recommend using pre-workouts during heavy compound days otherwise the body will develop a tolerance to the stimulants.


Arez Titanium is recommended for experienced users of pre-workout as it contains potent ingredients that may cause unwanted side effects in those inexperienced with these types of products.



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