Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper

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Storm Trooper

Product Guide

Officially licensed Star Wars shaker

BPA free

800ml capacity

EverLast Ink is specially treated not to fade

Tough and durable..unlike a Storm Trooper

Fits most car seat cup holders

Storm Trooper


If you love Star Wars baddies then outside of Darth Vader the most iconic is of course the Storm Trooper. As useless as they are in the Star Wars films they definitely look the part and so does this shaker with its shiny colours that won't fade and its high quality construction.


Anytime you need a shake this will mix it up for a better texture and consistency. With an 800ml capacity it is one of the few shakers able to properly mix the volume of fluid and powder that goes into making a weight gainer shake.


Fans of Star Wars of course but also anyone who simply wants a high quality, eye-catching shaker.