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Tribulus Gokshura

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Tribulus Gokshura

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Men's sexual wellness

Improves your vigour

Supports healthy testosterone levels

Antioxidant properties

Improves muscle mass

Increases stamina

Tribulus Gokshura

Use Himalaya Tribulus Gokshura because Gokshura improves sexual desire and drive in men, in turn improving mens sexual performance. The Gokshura herb increases the levels of natural endogenous testosterone in the body by acting as a non-hormonal bio stimulator. Gokshura helps in managing erectile dysfunction by strengthening the penile tissue and enhancing penile erection. <p>

Use Himalaya Tribulus Gokshura when you're looking to ensure your testosterone health is optimal whether for your sexual desires or for your trianing and exercise goals.<p> For increasing strength and stamina, the best time to take Gokshura is before you start working out around 30-60 minutes prior to working out. <p>Alternatively you can use Gokshura for muscle recovery after an intense workout, simply take Gokshura after your workout for the best results.

while Gokshura may be able to improve libido in women who have a low sex drive this supplement primarily benefits men with their sexual wellbeing with boosted energy and vitality to improve libido and sexual performance.