10 Performance Enhancing Ingredients


10 Performance Enhancing Ingredients


As a performance athlete, you know how much the minutiae can have a massive impact on how well a session goes as you become more advanced. Whether it be what you had as a pre-workout meal, how you’ve been sleeping, or work/relationship stress, these smaller things can be the difference between winning and losing.

Here at Predator Nutrition, we are experts in supplements that can optimise performance. Whether you are a bodybuilder, boxer, sprinter or football player, the following are some products and ingredients which can help you reach your full potential with the focus being on ingredients that can directly boost athletic performance as opposed to nutrients such as protein which act to support muscle recovery.

1. Creatine Nitrate

Creatine nitrate is a form of creatine where the molecule is found to a nitrate group, which may provide additional benefits to a cheaper creatine source such as monohydrate. The addition of nitrate appears to increase the solubility of creatine within the body. This means that, for the same dose of CN as CM, you are absorbing more.

You can also expect the same benefits as you would with any nitrate supplementation, including vasodilation for increased blood flow, better pumps and of course increased muscle endurance. This can not only improve aesthetics while working out but help deliver nutrients and clear waste from working muscles. This is well complemented by creatine’s role in the resynthesis of ATP for strength and power gains.

2. Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP)

Creatinol-O-Phosphate is a unique compound which, though it sounds related to creatine, is a dramatically different compound with some exciting muscle building potential. Originally developed to strengthen the heart muscle and act as a cardioprotective, it was discovered that Creatinol-O-Phosphate could massively increase strength and endurance in musculoskeletal muscles as well. Creatinol-O-Phosphate, like creatine, has been shown in toxicology studies to be a very safe compound with no known side effects.[1] It acts as an intracellular buffer, increasing energy in the muscles and buffering against lactic acid, allowing you to train much harder, for much longer.[2] It allows you to push your muscles past their normal limit, which will massively stimulate muscle tissue and allow for otherwise unobtainable muscle growth.

Patrick Arnold, supplement expert and something of a legend in the industry, has said that you need higher dosages if consuming Creatinol-O-Phosphate orally (as opposed to intravenously) – around 2g per day. Quantum protein powder has this magic number, meaning that for every scoop, you’ll be getting an efficacious dose of one of the most exciting, effective and safe ergogenics around.

3. Citrulline Inositol Silicate

You might have heard of inositol arginine silicate (branded name Nitrosigine). You might also be aware that citrulline is more efficient than arginine for increasing nitric oxide levels and improving pumps and muscle endurance. Hence, Citrulline Inositol Silicate (Citrosigine™) was born.

Citrosigine™ delivers long lasting and sustained pumps and fullness to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

4. HMB

HMB is derived from leucine, the most important and effective of the BCAAs for bodybuilding goals. It is scientifically speaking a metabolite of leucine, which means it is far more potent than leucine and much better utilised by the body. It has been shown in studies to reduce muscle damage, improve recovery, and even boost muscle mass.[3][4] However, HMB is far more than just a supplement that can help reduce muscle soreness. In fact, in one landmark study which was conducted with experienced weight trained men, a group supplementing with HMB saw their squat go from 143kg to 180kg in a twelve week period versus a gain of just under 8kg for the placebo group.

You can find HMB as a standalone product from Predator Nutrition or get your daily dose in a serving of Hydrapharm Quantum. That means that in addition to the already very large quantity of BCAAs Hydrapharm have put into Quantum, you’ll get an additional ingredient that provides similar, enhanced effects.

5. Beta-alanine

Quantum also contains beta-alanine, an ingredient usually found in pre-workouts. Beta-alanine has been shown in multiple studies to increase muscular endurance by buffering against low muscle PH, which is caused by intense exercise and causes an inevitable drop in performance. It is not uncommon to see it in pre-workouts but it is rarely included in all-in-ones, which is an oversight in our eyes as it is such a well-researched and proven ingredient. Quantum also gives you a massive 3500mg of beta-alanine with each serving so we’re certain that you’ll feel the benefits.

Quantum contains several performance ingredients.

6. Stimulants

As a performance athlete, we’re going to assume that you’ve used something like a pre-workout product or an energy drink to give you an extra boost going into training before. These largely rely on the stimulant caffeine but there are of course far more potent stimulants around such as PEA derivatives that help to deliver not only energy but a feelgood effect that makes training more enjoyable. By increasing adrenaline levels, stimulants enhance neural drive making an immediate impact on your ability to lift heavier loads for more reps.

For the greatest stimulant experience with sustained energy and no crash, we would recommend Hydrazine by Hydrapharm.

Hydrazine for mental and physical stimulation.


Myo-inositol trispyrophosphate (ITPP) is an allosteric effector of haemoglobin that increases red blood cells ability to release oxygen. Oxygen delivery is important for maximal muscle function and activity. This means ITPP may increase exercise capacity as it decreases oxygen binding to red blood cells, meaning there is more free oxygen release in the blood travelling to the working muscles.[6] ITPP can be found in Hydrapharm Plasma along with the next ingredient on our list.

8. Cobalt

Cobalt Chloride is a natural salt that is used by athletes to increase erythropoietin (red blood cells). It does this through a chain reaction once cobalt chloride is administered. It generates oxygen reactive species which triggers the stabilisation of “hypoxia inducible factor 1a and the transcription of erythropoietin (Epo) genes. This increases Epo in the plasma and therefore improves anaerobic athletic performance.[5] Cobalt chloride can also be found in Plasma. 

Find ITPP and Cobalt in Plasma.

9. Hormonal Optimisation

Athletes and bodybuilders have spent years trying to find the perfect hormone ratios for performance, physique and recovery outcomes. Too low, or too much, of sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen can cause issues in both men and women.

Hydrapharm Alchemy is a natural supplement which looks to address imbalances some men may experience, boosting testosterone while inhibiting its conversion to oestrogen. The endocrine shift Alchemy elicits will not only help to prevent the estrogenic side-effects of androgens, but it’ll also eliminate water-retention, increase free testosterone, and improve your performance at the gym.

10. Cortisol Control

Cortisol, nicknamed ‘the stress hormone’ can be crucial in some scenarios. The key is to keep it controlled! If our cortisol levels are chronically elevated, sleep, recovery, energy and mood can all take a hit.

Alchemy by Hydrapharm contains ingredients such as Dehydroabietic Acid which can rapidly decrease cortisol levels. As discussed above, Alchemy can improve your entire hormonal profile, increasing free testosterone and lowering oestrogen simultaneously.

Alchemy for hormonal balance.


As you can see, there are several ingredients which can support performance improvements, no matter what kind of athlete you are! For best results, use in conjunction with a healthy diet and solid training programme.



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