Ronnie Coleman Interview

Ronnie Coleman Interview

We got the chance to interview the man himself, the Big Ron - none other, ladies and gentlemen, than Ronnie Coleman who currently holds the most Mr Olympia wins (8). We couldn't wait!

Hi Ronnie. Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us. We heard you underwent surgery recently. What was this for and how is the recovery going?  

This is true. I had surgery right after Christmas to repair a damaged disc in my neck. It was actually a 3 level bone fusion. This was the second surgery I’ve had in the last six months. But I believe this will be the last I have for a very long time so I’m very excited. As of right now recovery is going great. As you may have seen I lost a little size (down to 267lb) but I just started working out so Ill be back up to 290-300 in no time.  

What are the chances of you competing at another Mr. Olympia event?

At this point it about being healthy. Mentally I’m ready and I want to compete… I miss competing. A lot. But I have to make sure I fix my injuries before fully committing.  

Can you let us know how you got started in bodybuilding? What weight were you when you started and what motivated you?

Well I originally started lifting weights for football. I didn’t get into bodybuilding until I ran into Brian Dobson. He offered me a free gym membership if I committed to competing and the rest is history.  

Growing up in Texas, which is football country, you must have played a lot of sports. With your physique did you ever consider pursuing any of those?

I actually grew up in Louisiana but football is big there too. I played football at a collegiate level and was pretty good but the next level is a different story. I guess God has different plans for all of us and I certainly love the gifts I have been given.  

How long had you been training before you realised you had a realistic chance of being crowned Mr. Olympia?

Funny thing is I never thought I would win the Mr. Olympia. Not in my wildest dreams. I was truly caught off guard. I noticed my placings were getting better but not to the extent of winning the Mr. Olympia.  

What are your principles of success in bodybuilding and life? How do you stay motivated over so many years?

Pretty simple. NO SHORT CUTS. I learned at a very young age that you can accomplish anything you want through hard work. Some people get lucky, I rely on old fashion hard work. I was willing to push myself as hard as possible every day. I also love bodybuilding. Its not hard to do something you love.  

You have a number of well known catchphrases – how did these come about?

I used to get geeked up before a set and wanted to have fun. Sometimes you gotta get loud and that’s what came out of my mouth.  

Please tell us about your supplement range. How would you compare it to the other brands currently on the market?

My supplement company is called Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. I approached this business with the same tenacity that I did preparing for the Mr. Olympia’s…. Hard work and no short cuts! Bottom line is I have one shot at this and I’m going to be the best. I have a lot of fans that count on me and I have the opportunity to make a difference and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. As far as competition is concerned I don’t worry about others. I can only control what I do and that’s make effective products that are different! We currently have three products, MYO-BLITZ, RESURRECT-P.M. and TESTOGEN-XR. And in my mind all three of these stand alone. This isn’t a gimmick. Read the label and research the ingredients. You will be happy you did.  

What are the plans for the future? Are there any new products in the pipeline?

The next product we are launching is a protein blend. I can’t spill the beans on the name but know this, it tastes damn good and it has 28 grams of protein per scoop! That’s right 28grams! I'm not playing around… Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is here to stay.  

Finally, what advice would you give someone who is just starting out in the world of bodybuilding?

Be patient and don’t rush things. Quality muscle takes years of dedication… It's also importatnt to remember there are three important aspects of bodybuilding, 1- lifting heavy ass weights, 2 - eating a lot of protein, and 3 - supplementing all your hard work with Ronnie Coleman Signature Series products!!! Yeah Buddy!