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UK Most Decorated Paralympians & Gold Medalists | Predator Nutrition

Britain’s Top Paralympic Sports And Most Decorated Paralympians

As impressive as Olympics athletes are, Paralympians are even more impressive! Overcoming disabilities to represent their countries in the world’s biggest international sports event, Paralympians are some of the most mentally and physically strong individuals in the world.

To celebrate the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games, we look back at Britain’s Paralympic highlights: those decorated with the most medals and the most golds, as well as the sports Britain excels in the most.

Top Paralympic athletes win twice as many medals as top Olympians

Cyclist Bradley Wiggins is our most decorated Olympian, with 8 medals in total, including 5 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze. However, our top Paralympian medal winner, Janice Burton, has over double that number! The blind Paralympic swimmer Burton is the most decorated British Paralympic athlete: out of her total of 18 medals, 5 are gold, 8 are silver and 5 are bronze.

In fact, all of Britain’s top 10 Paralympic athletes have more than 8 medals in total:

Table of Britain’s most decorated Paralympians

The UK’s top Paralympic gold medalists

The same goes for gold medals. Cyclist Jason Kenny is the British Olympian with the most gold medals, having won a total of 7 golds, including his most recent gold in the keirin in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Impressive, but not as impressive as the 16 golds Mike Kenny (no relation) has won for Paralympic swimming! Mike Kenny started swimming as part of the recovery process after he was paralysed in an accident at work. Now he’s considered one of the greatest Paralympians of all time!

9 of the top 10 Paralympic gold medal winners have more than 7 golds, ranging across equestrian, cycling, wheelchair racing, athletics and swimming.

Table of Britain’s top Paralympic gold medalists

Swimming is Britain’s strongest Paralympic sport

Of Britain’s top 10 Paralympic sports, swimming events appear 4 times with 21 medals. The event we’re most successful in is Women's 100m Butterfly B1, with 6 medals in total.

Table tennis is a close second, also appearing 4 times in our top 10 events. When it comes to table tennis, it’s women bringing home the most medals: Women’s Doubles B, Women’s Teams 2, Women’s Singles 3 and Men’s Teams 3 all have 5 medals each.

RankSportEventNumber of Medals
1SwimmingWomen's 100m Butterfly B16
2Table TennisWomen's Doubles B5
3SnookerMen's Tetraplegic5
4Wheelchair FencingMen's Sabre Individual 2-35
5SwimmingMen's 50m Backstroke S25
6SwimmingMen's 50 m Freestyle S75
7Table TennisWomen's Teams 25
8Table TennisWomen's Singles 35
9Table TennisMen's Teams 35
10SwimmingMen's 400 m Freestyle S75

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