Let’s Cut the Excuses, Why Losing Weight Is More Important Than Ever.


Let’s Cut the Excuses, Why Losing Weight Is More Important Than Ever.


As more and more research comes out, the public are waking up to one very clear fact: suboptimal levels of body fat increase of not only contracting viruses, but being unable to battle them.

Despite this, it would seem that we are all desensitised to articles around weight and disease at this point. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. We know that a high BMI is heavily interlinked with these, increasing risk and making them more difficult to treat. And yet overweight and obesity rates continue to rise. Is this the wake-up call we needed?

The NHS reported that the majority of adults in England in 2017 were overweight or obese (64%). Looking at the upward trend of the 2000s, it is quite likely that that figure is now even higher. This puts the majority of the population at increased risk of contracting seasonal illnesses and viruses, without even factoring in the elderly, pregnant and those with non-obesity related health conditions, it is clear that something needs to be done.

Reasons to lose weight

There has never been more free content available on home training. You can always save yourself the cost of a gym membership or expensive equipment, and try an at home workout. We have plenty of accessories from bands to dumbbells and mats available here. Youtube and Instagram lives have blown up with classes that can be done from home, and as for cardio, your daily exercise can be used to take a jog or cycle. Stuck for ideas? We have put together our very own home workout guide for your use.

Weight loss can be great for emotional health too. Simply having the goal of wanting to increase fitness, clean up diet and lose weight can be beneficial to health. Getting endorphins flowing and fuelling your body well is a great way to take care of your mindset and alleviate stress and anxiety. Set measurable goals such as losing a stone or being able to run 10k, and check in with yourself regularly to make sure you are doing things to get yourself closer to achieving it.

Finally, by doing what we can (eating healthier, exercising, cutting out smoking and alcohol), we can do our bit to keep strain on the NHS to a minimum. Aiming to achieve and maintain a healthy bodyweight is one of the best things you can do right now to support our health services.


As far as losing weight, we all know the basic rules. Move more. Eat less. But how about supplementation?

Aspects of fat loss that natural supplements might be able to help with include appetite suppression, energy and cortisol control. You should keep this in mind when selecting the right supplement for you.


Hydralean by Hydrapharm is one of our bestselling fat burners and is both subtle and powerful enough to be suitable for almost anyone. Unlike other fat burners that rely on harsh stimulants to make you sweat and want to get up and go (great before fasted cardio, but not so much with limited access to fitness equipment), Hydralean contains just enough caffeine to increase productivity and motivation but doesn’t rely on that mechanism only. With Hydralean, you can also expect metabolic support, a reduction in cortisol and supressed appetite.


A common complaint of overweight individuals is that their thyroid is underactive. With Thyrodene, you can remove this concern from hindering your progress (not to replace prescribed thyroid medications). Thyrodene manages hormones to contribute to lowered fat storage, therby helping you achieve your goal quicker and potentially not having to cut calories quite as low to see changes.

Lean Xtreme

Lean Xtreme works to lower cortisol and increase fat metabolism. It is stimulant free, meaning that it can be taken at any time of day. At a time where some of us are dealing with increased stress (work uncertainty, finances, childcare), Lean Xtreme will combat excess cortisol. Cortisol, often nicknamed the stress hormone, is responsible for increased fat storage around the midsection, and a harder time of losing fat, even when in a calorie deficit.


Now that you are armed with the science, it’s time to start putting some actions in place. The government are making it very clear that being overweight or obese are risks for all kinds of illnesses, but have done little to educate the population on how to fix it. We hope that this article has given you some points to take away and when combined with supplements for immune support will help you stay in good health for years to come.

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