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Basic BCAA
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Basic BCAA

Basic BCAA BCAA & Essential Amino Acids



Improve Recovery


BCAA&Amino acids




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Basic BCAA

Product Guide

Muscle growth support

Reduces muscle soreness

Improves endurance

Delays fatigue

Supports fat loss

Preserves muscle mass

Enhances recovery

May reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.

Basic BCAA


Supplementing with REDCON1 BCAA is valuable for individuals looking to optimise their workout performance and recovery. REDCON1 BCAA promotes muscle growth, reduces muscle soreness, and improves endurance. Additionally, BCAAs can assist in weight management by preserving lean muscle while aiding in fat loss.


REDCON1 BCAA is best taken before, during, or after workouts to maximise its benefits. Pre-workout supplementation can provide an energy boost, while intra-workout consumption helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Post-workout, BCAAs aid in muscle recovery and repair. They can also be beneficial during prolonged exercise sessions to delay fatigue.


REDCON1 BCAAs are best suited to anyone engaged in regular physical activity, such as athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. It is especially useful for those focusing on muscle growth, endurance, and workout recovery. Additionally, individuals aiming for weight management and those involved in high-intensity or long-duration exercise routines can benefit.