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Myoplex Original

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Myoplex Original

Product Guide

Containing a massive 42g of protein to support lean muscle mass

23 vitamins and minerals for overall health and wellbeing

Very low in sugar

21g of carbohydrates to support glycogen replenishment

Quality carbohydrates for a sustainable release of energy

Comes in convenient sachets for a practical protein hit on the go

Myoplex Original


Myoplex Original is a high quality protein powder with a massive 42g of protein per serving, with 8.9g of BCAAs for enhanced muscle recovery and protein synthesis. In addition, each convenient sachet serving contains 21g of carbohydrates to replenish workout-depleted muscle glycogen stores for enhanced recovery. Finally, it is also chock full of added vitamins and minerals for improved overall health.


Myoplex Original is best used as a post-workout shake but also can be used as part of a meal to help increase daily protein intake.


Myoplex Original is suitable for both men and women who are looking for a great post-workout shake that will help them improve recovery. Its relatively high carbohydrate content makes it ideal for use as a recovery product, but dieters may wish to consider a low carb alternative such as Hydrapharm Lean Casein.


EAS Myoplex Original


Take within 30 minutes post-workout to support muscle recovery, or use anytime as a quick and easy meal replacement to keep energy levels up.