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Cardio Peak 120 Capsules
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Cardio Peak 120 Capsules

Cardio Peak 120 Capsules Life extension

Life Extension


Cardiac Support



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120 Capsules
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Cardio Peak 120 Capsules

Product Guide

Dual-action cardiotonic support for heart health

Encourages healthy heart function & heart muscle contractions

Protects against damaging oxidative molecules

Protects the critical endothelial layer in coronary arteries

Supports an overall cardioprotective program

Promotes normal circulation and efficient heart muscle function

Cardio Peak 120 Capsules


Cardiotonics have traditionally been used to support heart function and vitality. Formulated with two clinically-studied cardiotonics, Life Extension’s Cardio Peak supports normal heart muscle function and coronary artery health and helps improve exercise endurance. <p>


Use Life Extension Cardio Peak™ when you're looking to support a strong and healthy heart, protect heart muscle cells from oxidation and promote cardiovascular performance. Ideal when you're looking to improve your sporting and cardio performance particularly endurance, and want to take your heart health to the next level with a little added supplementation help. This can help compliment your endurance training cycle in of your training or during dieting phases where you might be looking to increase your cardio training.


This Cardio Peak supplement from Life Extension is great for both men and women wanting to give their cardio and heart health an added boost. This can be particularly useful for those wanting to improve their cardio endurance performance whether for leisure or for sporting performance.


Life Extension Cardio Peak 120 Capsules


Take two (2) capsules twice daily, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.