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A month's worth of servings in a container

Sustain your testosterone levels into your later years

Re-ignite your libido

Completely transparent label

Endurance, power and gains have full support

Completely natural hormonal supplement



ManPower is the supplement that you are looking for if you are noticing a pattern that could mean a depletion in testosterone levels. To avoid subsequent problems such as fatigue, hair loss and weakened libido, then a booster could be what you need. ManPower features a fully transparent and well-researched formula, including patented ingredients. This is certainly a high-quality option.


ManPower should be in your basket when you have consulted with your doctor about the concerns of your testosterone levels. Their recommendation will dictate your usage routine. 3 capsules with 8-10z of water before your first meal is always recommended, but if necessary, take one more capsule 6-8 hours later.


There are two particular types of men we'd recommend this for. Firstly, the ones who are going the extra mile in the gym, as Axe & Sledge put it - "the hardest workers". Also, the men who are approaching their 30s and are noticing a difference in their hormone levels and what to keep them intact.



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