Finish Line
Finish Line

Finish Line Post-Workout Supplements

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Improve Recovery


25 Servings

Finish Line

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Sets a new standard in post-workout supplementation

6g of 4:1:1 bcaa's for fast recovery after workouts

Jam packed with natural performance enhancers

Creatine hcl and magnesium creatine chelate for no bloat performance

3.2g of the lactate buffering beta-alanine for better endurance

Finish Line


Iforce have always made great, category leading products and Finish Line does the same thing for the post-workout category. Avoiding the carbs that puts many people off post-workouts, Finish Line instead contains 6g of 4:1:1 ratio bcaa's for the express purpose of increasing muscle protein synthesis. However, Finish Line does a lot more besides by including no less than SEVEN other performance increasing or recovery boosting ingredients, each one at a clinically validated dose which means far more than just a recovery product, Finish Line will go a long way to making you perform better in whatever sport you choose to participate in.


Finish Line is designed for use after a workout but its inclusion of a huge number of ergogenics makes it a supplement which should really be used daily for best results. Being stimulant-free and calorie free as well, this is ideal for any time, and can be used all year-long if required.


Best suited to those engaging in high amounts of weight training or similar anaerobic activity. For individuals who on the other hand perform a lot of cardio, you would probably be best advised to take this with some carbs to enhance glycogen recovery but this is not a concern so much for athletes such as bodybuilders.



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