Preworkout: Save 15%
One More Rep
Preworkout: Save 15%
One More Rep

One More Rep Pre-Workout

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One More Rep

Product Guide

300mg of Caffeine per serving for laser focus and concentration

Beetroot Powder contains nitrates for maximum vascularity and endurance

Citrulline is ideal to supplement for high intensity exercise

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate needed for fatty acid metabolism

Theobromine improves blood flow and nutrient uptake into the muscles

One More Rep


BPI Sports One More Rep is a new direction for BPI's 1MR series of preworkouts by toning down the stimulants and instead upping the use of performance boosters like citrulline and l-carnitine l-tartrate to create a preworkout that will appeal to those bodybuilders and athletes seeking a more well-balanced preworkout than the 1MR of yore.


One More Rep is a preworkout intended for use only before workouts where you need a boost in performance. Due to the 300mg of caffeine in each serving, One More Rep is not a good option close to your intended bedtime.


One More Rep is suitable for anyone looking for a mental kick to get you fired up for your workout. With it including ingredients shown to boost pumps and endurance it is a better fit for those athletes engaged in sustained bouts of exercise involving at least 20 seconds of continuous effort. On the other hand if you only train with low reps then you may be better off with something that is more stimulant based like Hydrazine.



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