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Total War Black Ops
Redcon1: Save 15%
Total War Black Ops

Total War Black Ops Pre-Workout



Increase Energy






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Total War Black Ops

Product Guide

High dose citrulline for vascularity

400mg caffeine for high energy

10g pump matrix

Sustained energy with Dynamine™

Features a thermogenic complex

Acute focus, mental clarity and min muscle connection

Improved endurance

Boost energy and fat loss

Total War Black Ops


Total War Black Ops is your ultimate pre-workout solution, packing a powerful punch of energy, focus, and performance. Elevate your fitness game with this formula designed to break through barriers and ignite your inner warrior. Perfect for pushing your limits, Total War Black Ops delivers unmatched intensity, making it a must-have for dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.


Supplement with RedCon1 Total War Black Ops pre-workout during is specifically designed to help you achieve your best results when you need it the most so use best suited to training phases where you're looking to push your boundaries and excel performance whether it be in muscle building, strength or endurance.


Total War Black Ops is the go-to pre-workout for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Designed to boost workouts, it caters to athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone dedicated to achieving their fitness goals. With broad appeal, it suits both men and women seeking to maximise their exercise performance.