Demand Protein Bar
Demand Protein Bar

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Demand Protein Bar

Product Guide

Pea, peanut and whey isolate proteins

Clean protein sources aid digestion

Peanut butter based protein bar

No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

16g of protein per bar

Just 5g sugar per bar

Demand Protein Bar

One thing which sets Demand Bars apart from many popular protein bars is the natural proteins used. Pea, peanut and whey isolate proteins are both easier on the gut and provide a balanced range of amino acids. Demand Bars contain none of the inferior protein sources you will find in some popular bars which can include bovine collagen, or caseinates (a form of milk protein which is harder to digest for people). All this plus it is lower in fat and sugar and superior in amino acid content to support recovery.

You should use the Demand Protein Bar at various moments in your day to cater to different nutritional needs. Enjoy it as a pre-workout snack to provide your muscles with the necessary protein and energy for an effective exercise session. Alternatively, it makes for a convenient post-workout recovery option, aiding in muscle repair and replenishing energy stores.

Active individuals of all kinds, from sports enthusiasts to hikers and yogis, can rely on these bars for on-the-go nourishment. Those with dietary preferences can also find comfort in the clean ingredients, gluten-free, and no-added-sugar aspects of Demand Protein Bars. Whether you're striving for fitness goals, managing a busy lifestyle, Demand Bar is designed to meet the needs of anyone who desires a convenient and protein-packed option.