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Complete Cookie
Complete Cookie

Complete Cookie Protein Desserts and Cooking Mixes

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Complete Cookie

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Massively popular protein cookie

8g of protein per half cookie

Dairy Free

Soy Free

Vegan Friendly Cookie

The best tasting protein cookie around

GMO Free

Complete Cookie


Complete Cookies are a mainstream success in America and fast becoming the same in the UK. With 8g of protein per half cookie from vegan sources, they are ideal for vegans who would otherwise struggle to get sufficient protein in their diet as well as those wanting to avoid soy or dairy protein sources due to intolerance issues. While the protein content may not be as impressive as a protein bar, in our view the taste and texture of these is indistinguishable from a regular cookie so they beat any bar for taste.


Complete Cookies can be enjoyed as part of any type of diet as well as being equally suitable whether you are dieting or bulking. If you are bulking though we suggest these as a dessert rather than a meal substitute.


Literally anyone with it being perfect for vegans and those with dairy or soy intolerances.



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