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Protein Pudding
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Protein Pudding

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Protein Pudding

Product Guide

Gourmet indulgent pudding flavours

30g of protein per serving

Low fat and carbohydrate content

Mixes easily due to high solubility

Less than 150 calories per serving

Contains a blend of calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate

Protein Pudding


Scitec Nutrition’s Protein Pudding provides 30g of protein per serving in a rich and delicious dessert. As it only contains less than 150kcal per serving, it provides the ultimate healthy substitute for normal dessert without compromising on the taste. It’s ideal for those looking to stay on track with reaching their fitness goals and will help to satisfy those cravings. It can be used as a treat after a tough workout or used anytime you are looking for a delicious tasting high protein dessert without the excess calories, fat and carbohydrates. It mixes easily as it doesn’t clump together or leave any unmixed powder, so there’s no worry of missing out on some of the protein or having difficulty with its solubility.


Protein pudding can be enjoyed after a workout or when looking for a delicious gourmet high protein snack to consume.


Protein pudding can be used by anyone looking for a healthy substitute to regular pudding, without sacrificing on the taste.