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Hazelnut Blondie
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Hazelnut Blondie

Hazelnut Blondie Protein Foods

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Hazelnut Blondie

Product Guide

Rich, creamy hazelnut spread

Smooth and Nutty

High protein

All Natural

Gluten Free


Low sugar

High Fibre

Hazelnut Blondie


Nuts 'n More Hazelnut Blondie is perfect for individuals aiming to increase their protein intake while enjoying a dessert-like treat. This nut butter not only tastes incredible but also provides a rich source of protein, making it an ideal addition to a balanced diet for those who love the taste of hazelnuts and blondie.


Use this nut butter at any point in your day and all year round. Enjoy it as a snack or ingredient in recipes to meet your protein requirements or satisfy your sweet cravings. It's especially useful when you need a protein boost in between meals or post-workout.


Nuts 'n More Hazelnut Blondie is ideal for almost everyone! Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can relish the protein content to support their active lifestyles, while those seeking a tasty and protein-rich treat will equally appreciate it. Nuts 'n More Hazelnut Blondie offers a convenient way to add protein to your diet, along with the delectable flavours of hazelnuts and blondie. NOT suitable for those with nut allergies.