Preworkout: Save 10% on selected preworkouts
Crack Undead King
Preworkout: Save 10% on selected preworkouts
Crack Undead King
Crack Undead King

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Save up to 20% on preworkouts

25 Servings

Crack Undead King

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Unlock your inner beast

Very intense, not for beginners to preworkouts

Creatine, and beta-alanine for muscle and endurance

Unique stimulant complex

Focus and endurance aids

Crack Undead King

Crack Undead King is a straightforward preworkout packed with stimulants, nootropics and ergogenics which act in concert to provide an increase in neural drive, strength and endurance to give you a workout you could not replicate otherwise.

We suggest Crack Undead King is used no later than 6 hrs before you intend to go to sleep and is best used sparingly, saving it for the hardest workouts rather than using it for every single one. If dieting, Crack Undead King will help with muscle and strength retention not to mention make it easier to stick to your diet. If used when bulking, we suggest front loading your food as Undead King will have a negative effect on appetite that makes it hard to get enough calories.

Crack Undead King is only suitable for serious bodybuilders and strength athletes who want something to take them to a higher level of performance and who are already used to intense preworkouts and training sessions.