PEScience: Save 15% off
TruMulti Men's
PEScience: Save 15% off
TruMulti Men's

TruMulti Men's Vitamins & Mineral Supplements



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Vitamins & Mineral Supplements




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90 Capsules

TruMulti Men's

Product Guide

Premium ingredients selected for optimal absorption

Avoids fairy dusting ingredients at negligible doses

Specifically designed for the needs of athletic males

Premium chelated minerals for better results

Includes KSM-66 form of the adaptogen ashwagandha

30 day supply

TruMulti Men's


TruMulti Men's provides micronutrients including vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts designed to uphold health while also providing the basis to improve mood and fertility via PEScience's inclusion of the herb ashwagandha which has been shown in recent research to boost natural testosterone levels. TruMulti Men's is an easy 3 capsule serving, avoiding the tendency of some vitamin formulas to mega dose dozens of ingredients at ineffective doses. Instead, TruMulti Men's is all about scientifically based ingredient selection at doses that work.


As with any vitamin or mineral based supplement, TruMulti Men's should be used daily year-round to get the best results.


TruMulti Men's is specifically for athletic males whose micronutrient requirements will differ versus those of women or sedentary males.