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A smart bodybuilder's weight gainer

30g of protein using a 50/50 blend of whey and milk protein

Uses low GI ground oats, no sugars in this one at all

Includes endurance enhancing Trimethylglycine

AstraGin™ and Pterostilbene help improve nutrient storage

37 servings - higher than gainers which weigh more



Dedicated Nutrition #Gainz is a high quality weight gainer which is ideal for packing on muscle mass and strength quickly especially if you struggle to get enough food to gain lean weight. We say lean weight because compared to some gainers this uses a better carbohydrate source in oats which won't promote the rapid blood sugar rise and bloating that sugar based gainers can cause. It uses a high quality whey and casein blend which is optimal for promoting muscle and strength gains while giving 37 servings in each bag making this a great value option as well.


#Gainz is designed to be used when you are seeking to rapidly gain bodyweight but in addition, the formula of this product makes it well suited as a post-workout for anyone who exercises a lot and consequently will benefit from the 54g of carbs in each serving.


Dedicated Nutrition is marketed to hardcore bodybuilders who know their stuff but #Gainz is a great option for anyone seeking faster gains in the gym and faster gains in muscle mass. For those who struggle to eat enough solid meals a day then this is going to be particularly beneficial. Lastly, regardless of age or sex, this is a product that anyone can use.



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