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HumaPro 450 Tabs
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HumaPro 450 Tabs

HumaPro 450 Tabs BCAA & Essential Amino Acids



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BCAA&Amino acids




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450 Tablets
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HumaPro 450 Tabs

Product Guide

Lean muscle gain formula based around essential amino acids

Designed to exactly match human requirements for optimal protein synthesis

100% Vegetable origin protein

Superior to protein powders for amino acid incorporation into muscle

100% absorbed & 99% utilised by the human body.

Outperforms whey protein by 501%

Promotes optimal nutrient partitioning

HumaPro 450 Tabs


Humapro is designed to facilitate optimal nutrient partitioning so that users gain muscle and reduce body fat at the same time. Humapro uses a vegetable derived amino acid matrix which has been engineered to exactly match human protein requirements leading to vastly improve net nutrient utilisation compared to any other protein source. For users this means muscle is gained with lower calorie intake and many will find that within days of using Humapro they see a reduction in their waist measurement.


Humapro can be used with a meal to enhance its anabolic effects (we suggest this if the meal is low in protein) but more usefully can be used in the gaps between meals to enhance muscle growth and recovery.


Anybody can use Humapro. In fact most find that when they reduce their ingestion of whole proteins in favour of Humapro they benefit from better lean muscle gain and less fat. For vegans or those with allergies, Humapro is particularly good.


ALRI HumaPro 450 Tabs


Take a serving of Humapro (one scoop of powder or 5-8 tablets) between meals or consume with meals to enhance muscle protein synthesis.



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