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Brute EAA
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Brute EAA

Brute EAA BCAA & Essential Amino Acids

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Brute EAA

Product Guide

6g of amino acids per serving

Laxobulk to enhance muscle protein synthesis

Limits muscle breakdown

Reduced cortisol

Supports faster recovery

Supports significant increased in size & strength

Brute EAA

Use Killer Labz Brute EAA for a high quality supplement providing 6g amino acids per serving to support your EAA intake as EAAs can't be made by the body and so can only be sourced from your diet. This supplement promotes muscle mass growth, enhanced recovery, and improved muscle protein synthesis so that you achieve your muscle building goals.

Use before, during, and soon after exercise for maximal absorption. You can add to you pre-workout or post-workout recovery drink.

Ideal for both Strength and Endurance Athletes and anyone looking for improved muscle gains as well as improved athletic performance. Ideal for anyone who isn't getting enough EAAs through their diet alone.