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Glutamine 100% L-Glutamine Powder

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100% L-Glutamine Powder

Product Guide

Pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine

Can aid enhanced recovery

Research shows glutamine can support immunity and digestive health

Popularly used when dieting to help preserve muscle mass

Helps replenish glutamine broken down during exercise or in times of stress

Helps maintain optimal nitrogen balance



Glutamine is rapidly depleted during exercise as well as during times of physical and mental stress so replacing it is vital as insufficient Glutamine can lead to depressed immunity, and poor recovery. Supplementing Glutamine can help support faster recovery, as well as supply your body with a critical ingredient for supporting general health.


Glutamine is especially important when dieting as the body will increase its breakdown of Glutamine at that time. In addition, when using Glutamine during the day the critical times are to supplement this in the morning, before bedtime and during and after exercise.


Anybody can use Glutamine but it is particularly important for those who have a stressful lifestyle, compromised immunity or who are dieting.