Recovery Factors 240 Tabs
Recovery Factors 240 Tabs

Recovery Factors 240 Tabs BCAA & Essential Amino Acids

Re-Gen Peptides


Improve Recovery


240 Tabs
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Recovery Factors 240 Tabs

Product Guide

Rapid acting recovery booster

Complete full spectrum amino acid

Formerly named Regen Peptides

Superior sleep quality from day 1

Noticeable reduction in muscle soreness

Supports faster muscle and strength gains

Formulated by Swiss medical doctor

Serum based amino includes vitamins and minerals

Recovery Factors 240 Tabs


Recovery Factors is a product which is ideal for anyone and everyone. Whether your goal is increasing muscle mass, sparing muscle mass while dieting, improving recovery or enhancing sleep, this is a product with few peers and which delivers its results from the very first day. Don’t believe us? Search on google for reviews of Recov Bipeptides (its former name) at and other forums where you can read detailed, independent logs.


Being an amino acid supplement, Recovery Factors is great dosed before, during and after a workout while for those seeking to enhance sleep should use it at bedtime. Similarly, regardless of your current training goal, Re-Gen Peptides can help.


Recovery Factors is a natural product, and suitable for both men and women. However, using animal sourced serum concentrate means vegetarians and some religious individuals may need to avoid this product.