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Basic Beta Alanine 30 Servings
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Basic Beta Alanine 30 Servings

Basic Beta Alanine 30 Servings BCAA & Essential Amino Acids



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Basic Beta Alanine 30 Servings

Product Guide

Increased muscle endurance

Improved exercise performance

Reduced muscle fatigue

Increased muscle mass

Improved body composition

Reduced muscle soreness

Improved cognitive function

Enhanced immune function

Basic Beta Alanine 30 Servings


REDCON1 Beta-alanine is a supplement that can help you exercise longer and harder, and recover faster. It does this by increasing carnosine levels in your muscles, which helps to buffer lactic acid and reduce fatigue. If you are looking to improve your exercise performance and recovery, beta-alanine is a great supplement for you.


REDCON1 Beta-alanine can be used at any time during your training program, but it is most beneficial to use it during the bulking and cutting phases. It can help you increase muscle mass and strength during the bulking phase, and maintain muscle mass while losing fat during the cutting phase.


Beta-alanine is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their exercise performance - it is particularly well-suited for athletes, bodybuilders, and people who engage in high-intensity exercise. Beta-alanine is safe and effective for people of all ages and fitness levels.


REDCON1 Basic Beta Alanine 30 Servings


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of BETA ALANINE with 300ml+ of water or your favorite pre-workout beverage. Do not exceed 2 scoops per day. Notice: BETA ALANINE may cause a tingling sensation. Please assess tolerance by starting with ½ scoop.