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EAA+ Glutamine 300g Mango
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EAA+ Glutamine 300g Mango

EAA+ Glutamine 300g Mango BCAA & Essential Amino Acids

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BCAA&Amino acids




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EAA+ Glutamine 300g Mango

Product Guide

4000mg of BCAAs

2000mg L-glutamine

Intra workout amino acid complex

Provides essential amino acids

Zero sugar and vegan friendly product

Delicious flavours

EAA+ Glutamine 300g Mango


EAA+ Glutamine has amazing flavours which provides a refreshing taste during training whilst still giving you the most important amino acids. It also fits in any kind of sugar-free diet, as the product has zero sugar content. For anyone with mild gut problems, glutamine has been shown to help symptoms of IBS as it provides energy for the bacteria in the intestine.


Scitec Nutrition EAA+Glutamine is best used during a training session. EAAs pool in the body, so the body can spare muscle wastage by using amino acids as a protein precursor. The consumption of an essential amino acid solution immediately before or during weight training is perfect to ensure a steady flow of nutrients to the muscles. EAAs are particularly important during dieting / cutting phases to help preserve as much muscle mass as possible (with adequate training).


Scitec Nutrition EAA+Glutamine can be used in special diets, especially, it's suitable for consumers who do not use or eat any kind of animal sourced product, as EAA + Glutamine is vegan. EAA are very important in athletes training; whether that be sprinters, weight-lifters or crossfitters.


Scitec Nutrition EAA+ Glutamine 300g Mango


Mix 1 serving (9 g) with 500 ml water for your intra-workout drink



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